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04/07/17 – Survey Related to Fastpitch Softball

April 7, 2017 Softball Blog Updates


A survey is being taken of the member schools at the request of the Commissioner’s Softball Advisory Committee. The survey link was e-mailed to the member school Principals and Athletic Directors.

The Commissioner meets annually with various Advisory Committees composed of Coaches, Athletic Directors, Principals and other key individuals in each sport and sport-activity to gather sport specific information from the membership. This information is reviewed as part of the normal operations of the Association and many times, serves as a valuable resource for both the staff and the Board of Control in considering issues related to the conduct of various championships.

For two years, the Commissioner’s softball advisory committee has discussed issues related to the game, and in particular, related to the continued evolution of the sport over the last twenty years since the conversion from slowpitch to fastpitch. Following this discussion, the Commissioner has authorized a survey to be conducted of the member schools with results to be forwarded to the Board of Control as they consider options with a variety of future actions.

Please note that each school is permitted one response. The Principal, Designated Representative (most normally the Athletic Director) and the members of the coaching staff should collaborate to ensure a single response. Duplicate responses will be rejected and the priority for acceptance of multiple responses from any school will be Principal, Designated Representative followed by any response from any other school representative. This is NOT a ballot, and any result will simply be used as guidance for final decisions by the KHSAA Board of Control.

There are three separate subjects about which data is being requested. First, is the start date of the regular season, based on significant feedback from both the baseball and softball coaches. Secondly, input is requested on the International TieBreaker, which is currently required for regular season play (although situations with a tie game beyond the 9th inning occur very infrequently). Lastly, input on the state format is requested.

Thank you for taking part in this very important survey.


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