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02/04/14 – Softball Online Rules Clinic

February 4, 2014 Softball Blog Updates


The 2014 Online Rules Clinic that is required for all head and assistant coaches and umpires in the sport of softball is now available.

February 3 – April 18 –  the Softball Clinic may be viewed by coaches and officials at no charge during this period.

April 19 – May 10 – the Softball Clinic may be viewed by coaches and officials for the makeup fee ($100) during this period.

May 11 – May 18 – the Softball Clinic may be viewed by coaches and officials for the makeup fee ($300) per the Bylaw 27 schedule during this period. After this time, postseason penalties per Bylaw 27 will apply.

The presentation can be viewed from any computer, and is a web-based flash video product that should be viewable through any web browser.  Once you advance to the last slide of the presentation, correspondence is automatically generated to the KHSAA so that you can receive credit. If the presentation is not completed, you will not receive credit.

Athletic Directors can check to see if their coaches have completed the clinic by going to the member school page and choosing the “maintain school personnel” link. Once the clinic is complete there will be a clinic ok notification next to the name of your coach. Athletic Directors please be sure that your assistant coaches are aware of these clinic dates as well as your head coach.

For member schools the clinics are located on the member schools only area. To access the clinic, go to and click on the link that says “Online Rules Clinics.” If you have any trouble finding that link, you can type the following URL into your Internet browser.

For officials, the clinics are located on the Officials Division page. To access the clinic, go to log in and click the link that says “Links for Licensed or Prospective Officials.”

Please make sure you log in, whether you are a coach or official. If you simply watch the public version without logging in, you will not receive credit for the clinic nor will you receive credit by logging on and using someone else’s log-in and password information. If you have trouble logging into the system, contact the KHSAA offices at 859-299-5472.

Officials that attend one of the four Umpire Training Clinics are not required to take the clinic online.


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