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05/04/2017 – Reminder about New Procedure Maintaining Softball Stats for Kentucky Schools

May 5, 2017 Softball Blog Updates


The KHSAA has partnered with MaxPreps to manage softball (and baseball) stats for the 2017 playing season. MaxPreps works in combination with GameChanger (among other stat entry options) to manage on site entry if you so desire.  GameChanger is the most popular on-site mechanism for stats collection used by more than half of the KHSAA member schools and is available at no charge. In addition to GameChanger, KHSAA member schools can utilize MaxPreps own stat entry options or seven other stat partners.

Beginning with the 2017 season, the KHSAA has been producing weekly statistics for baseball and softball teams using the data collected through MaxPreps. The production of compiled statewide statistics began April 19, 2017.


Coaches can go to if they haven’t already signed up for MaxPreps.

New coaches will need an access code to reach the administrative pages for stat entry. Contact or call (800) 329-7324 ext. 1 for access.

Coaches will continue to input schedules, rosters and scores into the KHSAA system and all of that data will be sent automatically to MaxPreps

Coaches should enter their statistics into MaxPreps via the following options:

  • Direct entry into MaxPreps web platform
  • Through MaxPreps free iOS app MPCoach
  • Through GameChanger via an automated sync with MaxPreps
  • Using one of 7 other compatible stat programs to import stats into MaxPreps

MaxPreps Tech Support: or 1-800-329-7324, ext. 1.

Option 1: Enter stats directly into or through MaxPreps free MPCoach app for iPhones:

Option 2: Use a baseball stat partner from this list:


  • Athletic Directors and Coaches must enter the roster and schedule on the KHSAA roster system.
  • Teams ARE NOT PERMITTED to enter rosters, schedules or scores on either MaxPreps, GameChanger.
  • Following the entry or editing of the team roster on the KHSAA system, the data will automatically transfer to MaxPreps.
  • Once the linkage is properly setup between GameChanger and MaxPreps as described below, the roster and schedule data will automatically be moved to GameChanger for daily usage in tracking statistics.
  • If rosters are incorrect/incomplete then stats entered on GameChanger won’t transfer to the MaxPreps system and the school will not be in compliance with pitch count recording regulations.
  • Scores called in to the KHSAA/Riherd’s Scoreboard by using the toll free number or entered by the daily email links are the only place scores should be entered and the scores from the KHSAA scoreboard will automatically transfer to the MaxPreps system.


  • Coaches signing up for GameChanger, will be required to complete a minimal number of steps to automatically share data between GameChanger and MaxPreps.
  • Coaches input schedules & rosters in via KHSAA website and have them all sync down to GameChanger when they activate the MP/GC link when setting up their team on GC.
  • Coaches set up schedules/rosters on KHSAA system which is moved automatically to MaxPreps (In the interim, on a daily basis.  Eventually this will be quicker.  We are finalizing this as the season has started).
  • Coaches login or create an account on GameChanger
  • Coaches set up a team in GameChanger and select the “Sync to MaxPreps” option
  • Coaches will be prompted to import MaxPreps schedule and rosters, which they should accept
  • All info from MP will be synced to GameChanger
  • Score games on GameChanger and all data is automatically sent to MP
  • Any school failing to use the service may be penalized in accordance with Bylaw 27.


  • GameChanger is a FREE scoring app used by close to 50% of varsity high school programs in the country and Kentucky alone.
  • Available on Apple & Android (Beta) devices, GameChanger allows coaches to sync their accounts with a MaxPreps account to auto-sync stats and box scores.
  • After the game, box scores and recap stories are instantly available to share with fans, parents and the media. Season stat totals are automatically updated for review.
  • Additionally, coaches, players, parents and fans can use GameChanger’s robust team communication tools to send and receive urgent team messages, such as changes to practice or game times.
  • GameChanger automatically tracks over 150 statistics when a scorekeeper uses the app to score their team’s games.

Getting Started With GameChanger

Have An Existing GameChanger Account? (From GameChanger)

  • If you have used GameChanger before for your high school team:
  • Log in to GameChanger with your own username/password:
  • Locate your high school team from last season under the My Teams dropdown menu.
  • Select Create New Season.
  • Follow the prompts to set up your team.
  • If you use MaxPreps, make sure to select the Sync to MaxPreps option.
  • Double-check that your Privacy is setup correctly (more info on Privacy here).
  • Assign up to 2 other Team Admins (i.e. scorekeepers or assistant coaches).
  • Log in to your app and score – or have your scorekeeper do this!
  • (Note: Make sure to update your app from the App Store!).

Are You New to GameChanger? (From GameChanger)

  • If you have NOT used GameChanger before for your high school team:
  • Create a FREE GameChanger account with your own username/password:
  • Create a new team: (you may also create a team within the app)
    Follow the prompts to set up your team.
  • If you use MaxPreps, make sure to select the Sync to MaxPreps option.
    Double-check that your Privacy is setup correctly (more info on Privacy here).
  • Assign up to 2 other Team Admins (i.e. scorekeepers or assistant coaches) that can have free access to your team.
  • Download the app for your Apple or Android (Beta) device, log in and score – or have your scorekeeper do this step!

Customer Support & FAQs (from GameChanger)

  • GameChanger has a broad FAQ database, as well as an online Customer Support team that will respond to issues or inquiries within an hour.
  • You can find us online or via email: FAQs & Support: or Email:

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