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04/16/14 – Scheduling Grid for 2015-2018, Week 0

April 16, 2014 Football Blog Updates


Because of the scheduling moratorium, the scheduling grid for 2015-2018 was not originally included in the material released yesterday. It is imperative that you remember that because changes could still be made to the alignment before it is adopted, that you not sign contracts for games to be played 2015 and beyond. These changes could result from the feedback requested of the membership and related responses considered by the Board of Control at its May meeting.

However, several schools have indicated a desire to conduct tentative scheduling meetings in the next few weeks. Therefore, the tentative scheduling grid for 2015-2018 has been posted on the page with the other realignment information. Go to, click on Sports/Activities, Football, Football Alignment, Realignment Information, 2015-2018 Alignment/Realignment Information, Football General Realignment 2015-2018.

Several have also questioned whether Week 0 will be available during the next realignment period. As of now, there has been no proposal passed by the membership or other action taken by any group that would eliminate Week 0. Therefore, it should not be a problem to presume Week 0 as an option, at least for 2015 and 2016. Any future change regarding Week 0 would likely not be able to be implemented until 2017 due to the nature of the football contract cycle.

Thank you and please advise if you have further questions.