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07/31/15 – Reminder about Heat Index as Full Gear FB Practice Begins

July 31, 2015 Football Blog Updates


With tomorrow being the first permissible day for full gear football practice, this notice is important to help minimize risk for the coaches and competitors. While all efforts have been made to ensure gradual phasing in of equipment to allow for proper acclimatization and acclimation, it remains possible that many athletes are not properly acclimatized to the wearing of full gear in hot weather, in spite of practicing the required number of days.

Out of an abundance of caution, and respect for the safety of the competitors and coaches, as well as game officials in scrimmage situations, schools are reminded that activity reduction or cessation is mandatory at certain levels of heat index at the local venue. Once scrimmages begin over the next couple of weeks, game officials will be encouraged to take the NFHS permissible heat time-outs during each quarter or at the minimum, every 30 minutes of action. 

Football Coaches and Officials must remember that the Heat Index Policy is in place for all practices and games.

  • If the heat index is 95 to 99, then a break is mandatory for at least 10 minutes in duration, every 30 minutes.
  • If the heat index is above 99, no activity, including warmups, is permitted due to the requirements for safety equipment.
  • Monitoring the heat index is the responsibility of home game management. Home management should then communicate all information to the football contest officials.

Best of luck to all involved as we begin 2015 contact practice period.

Travel safely!


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