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08/06/14 – Football Equipment Restrictions and Reminders

August 5, 2014 Football Blog Updates


With the beginning of contact practice this week, it is important that all coaches be aware of what is legal, and when it is legal with respect to football equipment usage. For that reason, and in light of recent changes, the following summary is provided.

Reminders about Major Changes and Clarifications to Both InSeason/OffSeason Restrictions for Football Equipment Issuance and Usage
The entire calendar year is broken down below detailing what is permitted in terms of usage and issuance of football gear. This supersedes all previous interpretations and rulings that may have been issued, and is issued based on Bylaw 23 and Bylaw 24. Most information has been distributed earlier to schools and is capsulized here for easy reference.

  • Acclimatization and Acclimation Starting July 22
    • July 22, First date of OFFICIAL practice. This is the day the catastrophic insurance is officially in place. Other activities prior to this date have no catastrophic insurance coverage and cannot involve equipment unless detailed below in the all-star / individual camp exception.
    • First three days on or after July 22 (minimum), helmet only.
    • Next three days (but not until the completion of three helmet-only days), helmet and shoulder pads may be worn. No contact with players against players, only with sleds and dummies. Once the first of these practices has been held, no 7-on-7 or other game simulations against other teams can be held.
    • Remainder of gear can be handed out to players for use on or after August 1, which is first day that full gear can be worn, provided that the three days of helmet only and three days of helmet and shoulder pads has been completed.
  • Requirements for Individual Players before playing against another school (game or scrimmage). These are required of each player, and this listing is vital for those coming out for the team after practice starts.
    • Three days of helmets only in sessions with the rest of the team.
    • Three days of helmet and shoulder pads with the team. During these days, no contact with other players, only sleds and dummies.
    • Five days of full practice in pads with team. The fifth day cannot be the day of the first desired game.
    • If playing other sports after July 15 and come out for football later, the three days in helmet only (acclimatization) can be waived, but three days of helmet and shoulder pads with the team, followed by five full days of practice with the team would be required before playing against another school.
  • Once contact practice (practice in all equipment) begins on or after August 1:
    • Cannot have multiple contact practices on consecutive days;
    • On days when two contact practices are held, a total limit of 5 hours per day of practice, not including the mandatory break;
    • A 3-hour break is required after each contact practice during which no activity can be held;
    • Meetings, film study, water breaks, rest breaks and injury treatment shall not count against the 5-hour limit;
    • Weight training, voluntary conditioning without coaching, and teaching period/walk through simulations without equipment do not count against 5-hour limit provided they are not conducted during the three-hour required break.
    • If only one contact practice during a day, 3 hours per day is the limit for contact. 
    • In any noncontact (non-equipment) session, no equipment, except the helmet, can be worn, and no contact against another player may be done, only against pads and dummies;
    • Schools must maintain heat index records which will be randomly audited.
  • Offseason Timeline for Issuance and Usage of Equipment
    • Team must submit Spring Practice Dates on or before December 15.
    • From the last game of the season to the first day of spring practice, no equipment (including helmet) may be issued except as detailed in the all-star game/individual camp exception to be detailed later. 
    • First three days of previously submitted spring practice period are helmet and shoulder pads for any player who has not been on a winter sports eligibility list or has not participated in a minimum of eight (8) conditioning workouts.
    • From last day of spring practice through June 24, no football equipment (including helmet) can be used for any reason except as detailed in the all-star game/individual camp exception to be detailed later. 
    • From last day of spring practice through June 24, no session can be held where attendance is taken or any other implied or explicit required activity.
    • June 25 to July 9, including June 25 and July 9, Dead Period, no workouts can be conducted, no use of facilities, equipment, etc. due to Bylaw 24.
    • July 10 to July 21, permitted to issue helmets, and play non-contact game simulations (such as 7-on-7). No full contact camps for teams or issuing other equipment to individuals except as detailed in the all-star game/individual camp exception to be detailed later.
  • Restrictions and allowances after July 9 prior to first contact practice (practice in full gear):
    • 7-on-7 and other simulations are allowed from July 10 to the first day any other pads are worn. Catastrophic insurance is not valid during these simulations, and the helmet is the only equipment allowed to be issued.
    • No other pads can be issued to players prior to the first date.
    • There is no opportunity for any team activity in full gear prior to the first date of wearing gear on August 1. (not new, has not been allowed in past)
  • All-star game/individual camp exception
    • Gear may be issued to a player who has previously played for the team to participate in an individual camp or all-star game between the last day of the previous season and before July 21. 
    • No individual camp (not a single postseason all-star game) may be held at a KHSAA member school, or at a facility utilized for games by a member school if that camp includes more than five (5) individuals from the same school during the entire camp. This includes camps sponsored by outside entities if a member school’s coaches are present or any equipment is issued to participants.
    • The gear must be returned by the individual immediately following the camp.
  • Penalty for violation will be BOTH institutional, and against the coach, which may include multiple contest suspension

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