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08/30/13 – Additional Information Received – Riddell Helmets with Helmet Add-ons

August 30, 2013 Football Blog Updates


As the coaches are aware, we have sent out several bits of communication regarding helmets and helmet add-ons. Today, we received the information below that was sent out by Riddell regarding the use of add-on devices to their helmets. This notice reiterates the stance we have consistently held, that unless you receive written approval from a helmet company that they consider their helmet to be NOCSAE certified with any add-on (cap, glue on pad, or any other add-on to the shell of the helmet), then these attachments cannot be worn in practice or competition.

August 30, 2013 – Riddell Response to Address Aftermarket Accessories and NOCSAE Certification

Football helmets and face masks worn by professional, collegiate, high school and most youth football players are required to meet National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) performance standards. NOCSAE certification involves rigorous internal product testing, independent laboratory testing and a sound quality assurance program. Each helmet and face mask model is certified by the manufacturer to meet NOCSAE performance standards. The manufacturer certification is void if the helmet or face mask is modified in anyway. Riddell recommends against the use of any third party aftermarket accessories that alter the fit, form or function of the helmet or face mask as such modifications void the NOCSAE certification and render the helmet or face mask illegal for most organized play.




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