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08/30/13 – Heat Timeouts Mandated for Football Week 1, August 30 and 31

August 30, 2013 Football Blog Updates


Obviously with today’s extreme temperatures and expected to go through the weekend, a quick reminder is in order.

YES, for this entire weekend and in all games regardless of temperature, we will mandate a heat timeout which shall not be charged to either team, during each quarter. The time-outs should be taken at the first change of possession following the six minute mark of each quarter.

Officials and coaches should also remember that the Heat Index Policy is in place for all games. If the heat index is 95 to 99, then a break is mandatory for at least 10 minutes in duration, every 30 minutes. If the heat index is above 99, no activity, including warmups, is permitted due to the requirements for safety equipment.

Best of luck to all involved.




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