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08/30/13 – Quick FB 0 Week Wrap Up

August 30, 2013 Football Blog Updates


Just about three quick reminders after watching quite a bit of Week 0 video.

FB Experimental Rule

Remember we are experimenting with a rule on kickoffs. This experiment adds to the end of 6-1-3, “After the ball is marked ready for play and until it is kicked, no member of the kicking team with the exception of the kicker may be more than five yards behind the kicking team’s free kick line.” As we apply this experiment, remember it is only a foul if someone is touching beyond the goal line side of the five-yard mark. In other words, with a standard 40-yard line kickoff, if someone were touching the 35-yard line, but not beyond the goal-line side edge of that line, it is legal. Don’t over officiate this new rule. Something has to be touching beyond.

If the foul does occur, it’s a five yard encroachment foul, which kills the play before it begins. Remember, if the foul occurs, record data at


Officials should be mindful of a couple of guiding principles regarding conduct and ejections. These are not absolutes, but rather recommendations that will help ensure smooth game management.

  • An ejection should be the absolute last resort. Every other attempt has been made to stop the problem. Especially in football, where the penalty is the remainder of the game, and 30% of the season on top of that.
  • In most cases, one official should never have both unsportsmanlike fouls against anyone. Period. Once the first one has been called and administered, get out of there. And don’t go back even if others attempt to provoke or engage. Remember there are four partners out there, one of them should have the second unsportsmanlike if necessary.
  • DO NOT EVER tell a coach or player the length of a suspension due to ejection. Assigners and officials are not paid to administer those penalties. Simply report the action, and move on. When you tell them, and in particular when you tell them wrong, it can only lead to problems.


We had very little time to ramp up to our current weather conditions. Be sure and pay attention to all of the players, but also watch your partners.



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