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08/23/13 – Heat Reminders and Time-Out Procedures Reiterated for Football games

August 23, 2013 Football Blog Updates

With tonight being the first permissible night for football contests, this notice and directive is important to help ensure the health and safety of the competitors. Due to the extremely low temperatures that have existed throughout most of fall practice, it is possible that many athletes are not properly acclimatized to the wearing of gear in hot weather, in spite of meeting the required number of days.
Out of an abundance of caution, and respect for the safety of the competitors, coaches and game officials, officials are directed to take the NFHS permissible heat time-outs during each quarter of each game played on August 23 and August 24 if the ambient temperature at the playing site is 80 degrees or higher. In most cases, we will not reach the normal levels of the heat index monitoring regulations, but safe is certainly better than sorry. The time-outs should be taken at the first change of possession following the six minute mark of each quarter in those places where game time temperature is 80 degrees or higher.
Best of luck to all squads as they begin 2013 regular season play. We will address this procedure on a weekly basis until there is some stabilization in weather conditions. Travel safely!



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