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08/01/18- Memo and Update to KHSAA Football Assigning Secretaries

August 1, 2018 Athletic Department Blog Updates



  • I have waited on the NFHS for most of the summer, originally expecting their new 7-person manual back in May only to find last week at our meeting that the publication likely won’t be ready until September. It is somewhat of a long story, but suffice it to say that re-formatting the drafts from the Manual Committee into the standard NFHS format has taken a lot longer than they expected. However, the fundamentals are included in the attached document.
  • Consider that the front sections, etc. are the same as the four and five-person manuals, let’s focus on field coverage.
  • Attached you will find the framework from the TSSAA that the committee was using for the development of their mechanics.
  • We will use these mechanics without deviation with the exception that we will switch sidelines at half.
  • No local experiments, no adjustments, straight by this publication.
  • You have attached a copy of the mechanics in book form, a copy of an instructional powerpoint, and a PDF of that powerpoint in case you want to copy and distribute.
  • The documents are also on the KHSAA website-
  • Mechanics are at
  • Powerpoint is at and the PDF of the powerpoint is at



  • Staff has gone through and updated the vast majority of your teams through Arbiter to the new standard designations. Hopefully, you have not had issues as you have assigned.
  • Please let arbiter know if you have. We spend too much money with them for you to have issues.
  • In addition, contact them if you have an issue getting the evaluation module setup.
  • Several of you have copied Matt’s prototype from Northern Kentucky and arbiter can copy that to your site if you wish.
  • The only evaluation that is valid beginning this year is an evaluation from the coaches tied to the assignments through Arbiter.
  • Also, ensure that you have talked to your policy board chair about your percentage in the overall ratings.
  • That number cannot be less than 50% in terms of the value of your input.
  • Lastly, with regard to scratches, ensure that you and your policy board are complying with the requirement that every school has the opportunity to scratch not less than two officials and not more than 3 officials.


  • In addition to the 7 person emphasis above, there are a couple of other points you need to be aware of as we start.
  • Shoes may now contain a minimal amount of white accent. As you likely are aware, solid black is nearly impossible to find now. Remind officials to keep it classy and as little as possible.
  • 5 person mechanics are straight by the NFHS Officials Manual, with the only deviations those listed at


More later. Mr. Cope will continue to be your liaison for contract issues, payments, etc., but I will remain your contact for on-field questions and playing rules interpretations. One extremely positive change will be our shift to more localized billing of the member schools which should result in your compensation being received in a more timely manner.

Good luck as we enter this final phase of preparation.



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