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08/09/19- Football Contact Practice Reminder

August 9, 2019 Athletic Department Blog Updates


This notice to all schools that offer football within the Association in response to a variety of inquiries.

Per Bylaw 23 (Limitation of Seasons), coaches should note that per the bylaw, once the first interscholastic activity occurs in pads (scrimmage or contest), Level “3” Thud or Level “4” Live Action (which are both considered contact) is limited to ninety-minutes per week (not including contests or scrimmages). Specifically within the bylaw, subsection 12 on the third page of the regulation, it states “Beginning Monday of the week the first scrimmage is played by the school, each school may participate in “Thud” or “Live Action” drills and game time simulations (not including contests or legal scrimmages) for no more than ninety-minutes per team, per week.

This important rule is not new and applies to both middle and high school play.

For the complete regulation on practice and play, see the KHSAA website at


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