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10/31/14 – Reminders about Football Playoffs and Final Regular Season Week

October 31, 2014 Athletic Department Blog Updates


This is going to ALL KHSAA football playing schools. If it doesn’t apply to you, please disregard.

As we prepare for potentially 95 games to be played during week 1 of the playoffs, we ask for your cooperation as we try and pull final brackets together over the weekend. We have published what we have as of now, but need game times and sites confirmed so that officials assignments can be made.

A few reminders–

1) BRACKETS AND TIE BREAKERS – All information as we have it now, is posted on the KHSAA web site. You can find it at under the pull down for playoff Rounds 1-4,

2) PLEASE REMEMBER TO CALL IN YOUR SCORE as soon as the game is over this week EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT PLAYING IN THE PLAYOFFS. Many times, the three-way tiebreaker comes down to a single missing results from a non-playoff team, so all scores are important. This is the most important weekend of the year to be timely with your score report. Win or lose, home or away, please call that score in to 800-453-6882 as soon as the game is over. We don’t need stats at that point (you can login and enter those later) individual scoring or anything, just the game score.

3) IF YOU ARE HOSTING, FILL OUT THE SITE FORM. If your position is already known, please fill out form FB106 online at

4) REVIEW THE INSTRUCTIONS. Most of the instructions haven’t changed since prior years, and have been online for several weeks, but they should be reviewed to minimize dispute. The complete instructions are at under the pull down for playoff Rounds 1-4, select Football Playoff instructions for Rounds 1 to 4 (including forms). The direct link is at

5) TIES AND STANDINGS. As soon as all games are reported and recorded (including one scheduled for Saturday), we will break all three-way ties and post final standings, and begin the process of assigning officials.

6) FINANCES. One of the common questions we receive is about the distribution of money and team expenses. This is covered on page 8 of the instruction manual.


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