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08/22/14 – Heat Index Reminder, All Sports but Particularly Football Contests Played 8/22 and 8/23

August 22, 2014 Athletic Department Blog Updates


With tonight being the first permissible night for football contests, this notice and directive is important to help ensure the health and safety of the competitors. Due to the extremely low temperatures that have existed throughout most of fall practice, it is possible that many athletes are not properly acclimatized to the wearing of gear in hot weather, in spite of meeting the required number of days.

Out of an abundance of caution, and respect for the safety of the competitors, coaches and game officials, football officials are directed to take the NFHS permissible heat time-outs during each quarter of each game played on August 22 and August 23 if the ambient temperature at the playing site is 80 degrees or higher (temperature not heat index). The time-out should be implemented much like a media time-out, and it is recommended that it be taken at the first dead ball after the 7 min. mark on the clock. This heat time-out will be taken regardless of how many time-outs have been called by the teams before or after the 7 min. mark on the clock if the ambient temperature at the playing site is 80 degrees or higher (temperature, not heat index). These shall be regular time-outs unless the heat index activity cessation levels are reached.

Football Officials and coaches must remember that the Heat Index Policy is in place for all practices and games.

  • If the heat index is 95 to 99, then a break is mandatory for at least 10 minutes in duration, every 30 minutes. 
  • If the heat index is above 99, no activity, including warmups, is permitted due to the requirements for safety equipment.

Monitoring the heat index is the responsibility of home game management. Home management should then communicate all information to the football contest officials.

Best of luck to all involved as we begin 2014 regular season play. We will address this procedure on a weekly basis until there is some stabilization in weather conditions.

Travel safely!

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