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2021 Mingua Beef Jerky/KHSAA Girls’ Sweet 16® Worker Assignments and Information

March 25, 2021 Basketball Working


Thank you! Thanks in these crazy times for committing to work the Girls’ Sweet 16® tournament. 

The detailed information below should answer any questions you have, but as always, feel free to reach out for anything else. Below is a complete list of workers for this week’s tournament, housing information, and other details just in case you need phone numbers. Before the event, if you have questions about logistics, addresses, cell phone, signing in and payment vouchers, etc., contact Dan White at 502-432-1327. Once at the event, you can contact Mr. Tackett at 859-229-3916 or Mr. Cope at 859-351-1833 regarding specific issues surrounding the tournament.

Game schedule

  • The complete bracket is on the KHSAA website at All times are ET.
  • Please note a major change in tournament structure. This year, the tournament is NOT eight sessions, but rather 15 unique games. This allows the parents and fans of the competing teams an opportunity to attend but may cause minor inconvenience to our season ticket holders.

Parking Behind Arena

  • Only our commuting workers, which at this point is the crew from WL Stats, are provided parking passes to the new parking structure underground in the back.
  • Parking permits will be valid for Level 1 only, with entry through the marked doors.
  • Workers staying at either downtown hotel will not be provided a parking pass for the arena, and should use only the High Street entry.
  • At time of this drafting, the pedway between the Hilton through Central Bank and over to the Hyatt has just reopened, but will likely not be open after the games are over in the late evening.
  • The pass gate will be open for picking up parking passes for those individuals from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Tuesday night.

Pass Gate

  • The pass gate is located on the High Street side of the arena, on the right nearly to the end of the building. There is no access to the arena from the Hyatt or other opportunities for entry.
  • The Pass Gate opens for workers two and one-half hours before the first game, and two hours prior for all other games.


  • Those of you with season-long credentials will use those for admittance.
  • Those who have season-long credentials and have not picked those up, they will be available at our pass gate.
  • Those working this event only, will also pick up your credentials at our pass gate.
  • The pass gate will be open for picking up credentials from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Tuesday night.

Extra Passes and Guest Tickets

  • Unfortunately, with all of the social distancing requirements, and attendance restrictions, we cannot accommodate requests for special passes or tickets, even for long-time workers.
  • If your guests purchase tickets, they should know that there will be no access to the floor from the side arena sections.
  • There is NOT a general seating area this year (chairback covered seats).

Report Time

  • Pass Gate opens two hours before each game.
  • Teams can arrive two hours before the first game which means our team attendants will need to be in the arena a bit earlier.
  • Those charged with greeting the teams will need to be there at least two hours and 15 minutes before the first game of each session. 

Pre-Event Setup

  • On Tuesday, for those that desire to help with move-in, chair back installation, and general re-familiarization with the facility, tournament staff is planning on starting that process around 1 p.m. in the arena, and most should be done by around 4:30. There are several things that will need “turned” or changed after the boys’ tournament.
  • For those working with Joe on media setup, you may want to contact him to see if additional assistance is needed.
  • You will need to enter the arena near the pass gate.

Meal tickets and Hospitality

  • Unfortunately, with the situation surrounding the pandemic, there will be no hospitality room this year.
  • Each day, when you check-in at the pass gate, you can receive two meal tickets for the day.
  • Those can be redeemed for up to $10 at any concession stand. Unused meal tickets are not valid on subsequent days.
  • There are no dry-snack or drink rooms during this year’s event.


  • The dress is business casual.
  • We do ask that the individuals at the scorer’s table keep in mind that you are the most visible representatives of the Association. 
  • Appropriate business casual outfits for women include a skirt or dress slacks, blouse, sweater, twinset, jacket (optional), and hosiery (optional) with closed-toe shoes.
  • For men, appropriate business casual attire is dress slacks or chinos, a button-down shirt, dark socks, and dress or nice athletic shoes.
  • There is no one monitoring your dress; just many have asked. But be sure and come dressed. For your information, senior staff will likely be in a coat and tie each day.

Floor Level and Seating

  • Due to the pandemic and social distancing requirements, each worker is assigned a specific floor seat unless your assignment places you in a different location.
  • These seats are socially distant one from another and the assignments are very specific.
  • Please only sit in the seat to which you are assigned.
  • Special note to floor control (media and teams, interview, etc.), please get with Commissioner Tackett and Mr. Cope upon arrival to be sure you are aware of logistical changes since last year.


  • The lodging list is included below in the worker’s listing.
  • IMPORTANT: If you cannot check in on the day listed, you MUST contact the hotel (859-231-9000 for Hilton, 859-253-1234 for Hyatt) and change the date of arrival.
  • In all likelihood, if you fail to notify the hotel and fail to show, the room will be canceled, and we will not be able to guarantee your lodging.

Worker Assignments

The following are basic descriptions of the roles:

  • Cheerleaders- These individuals will ensure that floor-level cheerleader counts are maintained and that any restrictions are handled. There is no cheer competition this year.
  • Clock and Score- Individuals to control the timing and scoreboard functions at the scorer’s table
  • Balls- Ensure that the rack of balls is available at all required times
  • Locker Rooms- Individual (s) to ensure teams are in the right locker room, keys are distributed and returned, notify team assistance with issues.
  • Officials Chart- Maintain the electronic chart related to officiating
  • Officials Security- Assist officials to ensure timing system is operational and serve as a communication conduit to officials
  • Pass Gate- Assist with the upper (media, exhibitor, non-competing session teams) and lower (current session teams) pass gates
  • Press Row Assistant- Assist with monitoring press row, including post-game interviews.
  • Public Address- Public Address Announcers working under the direction of KHSAA staff and Technical Director.
  • Scorer- Official Scores
  • Teams- To be assigned to each team to be with the team from the time they arrive until they leave, minimum 1 per team. These individuals will not have teams in consecutive games. Assignments will be made upon arrival based on collaboration. Keep the revised schedule in mind as you plan.
  • Technical Director- Coordinate technical aspects of timing under the direction of Communications Director and KHSAA Commissioner and Associate Commissioner.
  • WL Stats – retained firm to manage all aspects of Stats and website distribution

Wifi Information –

  • For those desiring to connect, see below, you will use the Rupp Open Wifi. Like last year – connect to Rupp@CBC Free Wifi, open a browser (if one doesn’t automatically open) and agree to terms.
  • No password required.
  • On phones, the link to login is not easily found, so be sure and look around the screen before seeking Dan or Rob’s help.

Workers Listing

First Name Last Name Address Line 1 City State Zip Code Work Phone Home Phone Cell Phone Email Address Role SEASON Hotel Park
Madison Kalb 2065 Asbury Road Augusta KY 41002     606-782-7099 Press Row Assistant NO HIL-TUES N
Pat Beverly PO Box 163 Owenton KY 40359   502-484-5310 502-750-3342 Pass Gate YES HYA-TUES N
Burney Jenkins 1122 Choctaw Trail Georgetown KY 40324 502-863-3805- 502-868-9242 859-396-7723 Officials Chart YES HYA-TUES N
Les Broady 1515 State Rte. 1163 Greenville KY 42345   270-338-6033 270-820-7474 Officials Chart YES HYA-TUES N
Buck Beverly PO Box 163 Owenton KY 40359   502-484-5310 502-750-3337 Officials Chart YES NO N
Marty Fulkerson 1404 Essex Court Elizabethtown KY 42701 270-765-3999- 270-737-8538 270-735-2302 Public Address YES HIL-TUES N
A.J. Davis 712 Hackney Court Richmond KY 40475     859-200-4748 Technical Director YES HIL-TUES N
Marilyn Mitchell 901 Revere Run Dr. Lexington KY 40505     859-229-3253 Pass Gate YES HIL-WED N
Jimmy Powell 211 Hood Avenue Winchester KY 40391 859-744-8308- 859-745-1030 859-227-4275 Teams/Press Row YES HIL-TUES N
Diane Griffitt PO Box 874 Nicholasville KY 40390     859-227-0213 Teams YES HIL-TUES N
Gwen Saylor 68 Darrell Randall Road Stanton KY 40380     606-362-9067 Cheer Competition YES HYA-TUES N
Lucy Moore 415 West Sun Street Morehead KY 40351 606-784-8928- 606-783-1307 606-776-0106 Cheerleaders YES HYA-TUES N
Joshua Bumps 433 Fonso Circle Bowling Green KY 42104     270-392-9865 Press Row Assistant NO HYA-TUES N
Fred Brown 19 Robyn Drive Winchester KY 40391 859-398-0550-   859-608-3995 Locker Rooms YES HIL-TUES N
Lee Ann Clark 1167 Turkeyfoot #6 Lexington KY 40502 859-268-0268- 859-266-0923 859-338-5399 WL Stats YES NO Y
Cornelius O’Banion 109 Bender Drive Frankfort KY 40601   502-875-6165 502-319-1437 WL Stats YES NO Y
Ken Bourne 385 Redding Road, #155 Lexington KY 40517   859-245-0763 859-338-5398 Scorer YES HYA-TUES N
Charles Gazaway 1202 Pheasant Ridge Goshen KY 40026     502-553-0317 Clock and Score YES HIL-TUES N
Mike Reeves PO Box 327 Albany KY 42602     606-688-0291 Clock and Score YES HIL-TUES N
Tim Amshoff 4311 Pleasant Glen Drive Louisville KY 40299     502-619-0740 Teams YES HIL-TUES N
Steve Brooks 295 Leawood Dr. Frankfort KY 40601 502-564-2172- 502-223-0942 502-330-3129 Press Table/Ballboys YES HIL-TUES N
Rick Bridges 200 Squires Pointe Paris KY 40361     859-595-3405 Teams YES HIL-TUES N
David Dawson 925 South Lincoln Blvd. Hodgenville KY 42748 270-358-2210- 270-324-4115 270-766-7419 Public Address YES HIL-TUES N
Frank McGowan 119 Langford Avenue Frankfort KY 40601   502-319-1481 502-319-1481 Teams/Press Row YES HIL-TUES N
John Campbell 225 Homestead Court Scottsville KY 42164   502-331-1294 502-331-1294 Media Copy Manager YES HIL-TUES N
Marnie Broady 1515 State Rte. 1163 Greenville KY 42345   270-338-6033 270-820-7474 Officials Chart YES HYATT-TUE N
Glenn Brown 3764 Kenesaw Dr. Lexington KY 40515-1235   859-273-5228 859-221-4425 Officials Security YES HYA-TUES N
Scott Bottoms 118 War Admiral, Apt. A Danville KY 40422     859-583-0793 SBOTTOMS@DOE.BZ Officials Security YES HIL-TUES N