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Qualifying for the State Meet and Timing Notes

May 20, 2006 Track and Field Blog Updates


How Do Athletes Qualify For The State Meet?

  • In each region, the first and second place finishers in each event, automatically quality for the state meet. (a total of 14 automatic qualifiers, plus unbreakable ties, primarily in field events)
  • The next 10 best performances in each event, per class, from the state-at-large shall qualify for the state meet (a total of 10 additional qualifiers, plus unbreakable ties, primarily in field events).
  • It is very possible to have a situation where the performances in a regional meet among the two automatic advancers are less than the performance of someone who did not finish first or second, and who is not in the 10 best marks in a specific event. The two automatics from each region are protected by finish position, regardless of time or mark.

Conversion of Times for State Meet

  • All regional meets are run on tracks using FAT (Fully Automated Timing).
  • Any region time listed with an “H” beside it indicate a time that was run in a region with a Hand Time due to mechanical failure. This time was then converted in accordance with the National Federation Track Rules to a FAT time by adding .24 to all times in hand timed races.

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