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04/22/14 – Regional Track Instructions and More

April 22, 2014 Track and Field Blog Updates

PrintAfter this crazy winter, it is great to see the spring and the track season well under way. Regional Instructions, Regional Managers Listing, and other general track information have been posted on the track page of the KHSAA website under “Regional Track Information.” Please review the instructions and print any forms that you will need for entry to the regional competitions. If your school has a wheelchair participant to compete in the regional competition, please notify me immediately via email at It is important that the officials are aware and prepared for those competitors, as well as having the awards needed for those participants. As you all know, the state meet will be in Lexington this year at the University of Kentucky Outdoor Sports Complex. With the new venue will come new information as far as instructions, maps, bus routes/drop off, etc. Those items are being hammered out now and will be posted soon. The state meet time schedule is available on the state information page. We have decided to go back to common implements for the shot put and discus competitions this year for the state meet, so implement weigh-in for those events has been deleted from the schedule. Lastly, if your school is interested in hosting future postseason events, please see the newest board approved site specifications under general information on the track page and fill out form GE72 from the “forms” pulldown on the track webpage.


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