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05/04/22 – Reminders about Regional Track & Field Meets

May 3, 2022 Track and Field Blog Updates


We want to remind Athletic Directors and coaches about the strict time schedule at postseason track & field meets. Throughout the regular season, we realize that many athletes are competing in a rolling schedule style meet. However, both the regional and state track meets are structured to be held to a specific time schedule. With the state meet taking at-large qualifiers, it is important that all 21 regions adhere to a strict time schedule to ensure competitive fairness for the at-large qualifiers attempting to advance to the state meet. With the regional schedule, the games committee has determined that 12 minutes is the check-in/out time limit. 

Managers are required to ensure that the regional meets adhere to the posted time schedule. Events cannot start before the published scheduled time. This allows for the same amount of rest for all athletes competing across the state when qualifying for at-large positions.

It is critical for coaches to assume the appropriate scheduling role in entering athletes. While rolling schedule meets (and cafeteria-style events) in the regular season may allow for athletes to compete in a variety of events, it simply may not be feasible to enter that same number of events in a timed postseason meet. This is one example of the myriad of decisions coaches are required to make, and coaches must make them wisely, to ensure a positive experience for the athletes and the entire team.

Coaches, it is also very important that you speak with your athletes about the schedule prior to the meet, particularly those that are in multiple field events, or a combination of field and running events. Athletes and coaches must know the appropriate rules regarding check-out (and in) and MUST COMMUNICATE continually with meet officials (particularly the head judge of each event) to ensure a smooth transition if necessary to report to another event. The games committee has determined appropriate time limits for competitors excused to compete in another event but it is the athlete’s responsibility to adhere to check-in requirements. Athletes must check back in with the head judge upon return to the event. This is very important, so please discuss this procedure with your athletes.



  • The KHSAA has also received several inquiries regarding regular-season meets. If your region is held May 14-20, you may still participate in regular-season meets the following week.
  • However, if your regional is held between May 21-26, you will not be permitted to participate in a regular-season meet after your regional has concluded.
  • Please be sure that no school competes in more than 19 meets (which includes indoor) and no meets may be conducted after May 26.


  • Again this season, there are also unified/adapted events that will take place simultaneously at the region and state meets. Coaches need to be sure that any unified pairs that are entered in both long jump and shot put are aware of the check-out (and in) procedure as well.
  • Partner athletes should be able to assist in getting from one event to the other in a timely fashion.
  • Information about entering unified/adapted athletes into the postseason can be found here:


Please contact Sarah Bridenbaugh ( if you have any questions. 



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