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05/16/17 – KHSAA State Track & Field Information

May 16, 2017 Track and Field Blog Updates


Please read this entire correspondence to familiarize yourself with all of the pertinent information regarding this weekend’s 2017 KHSAA Track and Field State Meet.

Teams should be aware that buses must enter from Cooper Drive to Sports Center Drive and make the loop into the lower parking lot. Buses will be able to stop long enough to unload their team, but must keep moving as there is only one way in and one way out. The team check-in has relocated from previous years, so please be sure to check the maps below to ensure your bus drivers are aware of where to drop off, park, and pick up.

The following links have important information for teams, parents, and spectators:

Hotel Information
Purchase 2017 State Track Tickets
State Meet Instructions For Teams
State Meet Time Schedule
UK Bus Route Map
UK Layout and Logistics Map

The school-by-school roster and the performance listings will be updated on Wednesday, May 17th. Entries and Lane Assignments will also be available on the Track & Field page under the 2017 State/Region Meet Entries/Results tab once completed.

Advanced tickets are on sale if you would like to send that link out to your parents and fans. Also, the hotel information is available for schools that need overnight accommodations. Both hotels still have rooms available.

The State Meet Time Schedule and the team instructions outline a very small window in which the teams have to arrive and enter the facility. Please pay attention to times when the track will be open for teams and spectators. Saturday, between the 1A and 3A change over, we will need to feed our workers and get them back into place before allowing entry. 3A coaches will be allowed to pick up their packets at the conclusion of the 1A meet but will not be allowed to enter until the admission gate announces they are ready.

Credentials for School Media (students or full-time staff members) or traditional media members must be requested in advance of the meet. Instructions for obtaining those credentials can be found in the State Meet instructions.

Shot and Discus – Common Implements

In addition to the common implements provided by the KHSAA, athletes may use their own implements at the state competition, provided they pass inspection. If an athlete weighs in his/her implement, it then becomes a “common” implement and may be used by any athlete in the competition. If an athlete misses the weigh-in/inspection period for their implement, they must use a common implement provided by the KHSAA or another athlete. Illegal implements will be marked and impounded and coaches notified that they can be reclaimed at the conclusion of the event. All shot and discus shall be weighed prior to the competition. A legal shot and discus shall be provided for use by competitors, in the case that athletes do not have their own. Available implements provided by the KHSAA can be found within the State Team Instructions.

Good luck and see you soon!


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