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11/13/13- Revision in Track and Field Season, 2014 ONLY

November 13, 2013 Athletic Department Blog Updates


At the November 11, 2013 meeting, the KHSAA Board of Control approved an allowance for Track and Field teams for the 2014 season only, to allow normal “regular season” meets to be run AFTER the regional meets, provided these regular season meets are held on or prior to May 17 and provided no school competes in more than 19 meets (not including the region and state). This allowance is further explained below, and is a situation specific to 2014 due to the likely involvement of more than fifty percent of the licensed Track and Field officials as the University of Kentucky hosts the SEC Outdoor championships on May 15-17, 2014.

In July, 2013 the Board approved a staff request to adjust the date of the 2014 regional and state track meets. This was done due to major scheduling conflicts with one weekend in May (originally reported as May 8-10, later confirmed as May 15-17), and also due to the fact that the originally planned date would have shortened the competitive track season by one week due to the “rollover” in corresponding dates and the timing of Memorial Day.

For 2014, the specific dates for regional track meets (which as always, are set by the participating schools) may be set for any date May 5 though 17th. However it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that schools not choose the dates of May 15th, 16th or 17th due to the SEC meet (being held for the first time in more than 20 years at the University of Kentucky) which will involve most all of our key officials with the ranking and experience to manage the intricacies of the region meet, and potentially place our schools, particularly those within a short drive of Lexington, with a dire shortage of officials. The Commissioner reserves the ability to decline a school agreed date in these periods if the potential health, safety and efficiency of the regional meet cannot be ensured by appropriate staffing of qualified officials.

Bylaw 23 allows for 19 track meets, with the “regular season” meets being able to be held up until the day before the regional meet. The Board has approved the staff request to allow for this waiver of Bylaw 23 for the 2014 season only, and to allow meets to be held AFTER the regional and prior to the final Saturday for competition (May 17), provided no school exceeds 19 total meets. This will allow teams to continue stay in competition form for the state meet, and help relieve the strain on official’s assignments by choosing the week of May 5th for their regional competition.

Coaches should direct specific track related inquiries to Assistant Commissioner Angela Passafiume at the KHSAA.


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