11/16/15 – State Track & Field Dates

November 16, 2015 Track and Field Blog Updates

We have had a few inquiries about the dates for postseason track. Due to the availability of the University of Kentucky’s Outdoor Track & Field Complex, the 2016 KHSAA State Meet will be held May 27-28, as it has been listed on the calendar since the start of the year. Kentucky’s track facility will be unavailable the previous weekend, as the UK baseball team will be hosting Missouri.

Due to this scheduling conflict, the Board of Control approved a two-week period for regionals to be held due to a change in the NFHS calendar and a scheduling conflict with the University of Kentucky. The two-week period seemed to be beneficial to schools for many reasons, but mostly the benefit of scheduling around May school event conflicts was expressed. It also allowed schools to be more confident with rescheduling due to weather related issues.

Please take a look at the corresonding dates calendar from the KHSAA Handbook posted on the khsaa.org website – http://khsaa.org/handbook/correspondingdates/trackcorrespondingdates.pdf

The last asterisk denotes the two weeks possible for track regional competition.