04/27/12 – 2012 Playing Rule Changes – Part 1 of several – Field markings

April 27, 2012 Football Blog Updates

First thing I want to talk about with this year’s rule changes (2012) is the change in restrictions on what can go on a field. In a time when our schools are struggling to find the resources to manage their athletic programs, it seemed a bit outdated that we still prohibited logos on football fields. While I am a traditionalist at heart, I really don’t think the game is impacted by a few logos and marks on the field. So now, our schools are allowed to have corporate logos and other marks on their field. The only restriction is that these CANNOT block or cover up the required marks every five yards, as well as the nine yards marks, etc. This should allow our schools to have some source of revenue generated by the markings and still not impact the management of the game..

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