05/12/13 – State Track Draft Performance List and Volunteer Opportunities

May 12, 2013 Track and Field Blog Updates

The DRAFT of the performance list and the roster by school for 1A, 2A and 3A are posted on the website at the links below.   

Changes may occur as coaches and officials double check both the performance list and the roster by school for accuracy.  An email will be sent once all changes are made and performance list are finalized.

Please check for your student athletes.  Let us know immediately of any necessary changes (i.e. misspelling of names, incorrect grade or incorrect school) by contacting us at trresults@khsaa.org.

The deadline for these changes are 10:00am Monday, May 13.

For schools who have team members who did not qualify, or have teams that will be staying for other classes meets, we are in need of volunteers to assist officials with all events.  These team members can check in at the team check in area to receive free admission and their assignment.  Please contact Angela Passafiume at apassafiume@khsaa.org if your school can help to provide these much needed volunteers – http://khsaa.org/track/2013/statetrackmeetschedule.pdf.

1A – Performance List and Roster by School



2A – Performance List and Roster by School



3A – Performance List and Roster by School




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