10/22/12 – 6A Bracketing Reminder

September 23, 2012 Football Blog Updates

6A is the class that has a rotating cross-bracket chart listed in the Competition Rules (numbered page 16 of http://khsaa.org/handbook/competitionrules/fbcompetitionrules.pdf). District 2 was originally assigned only three teams to the district, and lost one of them (Nelson County) through a school split beginning this year.

In addition, be mindful that District 6 was permitted to have its 5th place team automatically become the 4th seed in District 2 for the playoff pairings purposes. This assurance that the 5th place team would always face a 1st place team was key in the approval of the experimental bracketing to prevent a team from District 6 from being sent to a geographically isolated part of the state for playoffs.

Districts 2 and 3 are paired for the playoffs this year. So the fifth place team in District 6 will be the fourth place team in District 2 for playoff purposes. Part of this issue is resolved for 2013 and 2014 as Muhlenberg County will move into District 2 to allow for four teams in the playoffs, with the opening of the new consolidated McCracken County school. The issue should only be present for 2012 playoffs.

Current listing –
District 2 – Central Hardin, Meade County, Muhlenberg County (beginning 2013 season)
District 3 – Butler, Pleasure Ridge Park, Seneca, Southern
District 6 – Boone County, Campbell County, Dixie Heights, Ryle, Simon Kenton (*)

The pairings for that cross bracket will be

1st place District 2 vs. 4th place District 3
2nd place District 2 vs. 3rd place District 3
2nd place in District 3 will have a bye in round one as there is no 3rd place team in District 2.
4th place District 2 (which is 5th place from 6) will play 1st place District 3.

All brackets as known at this time have been posted on the KHSAA web site at http://khsaa.org/sports/fall/football/ under 2012 championship results.

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