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03/01/12 – Wrestling Notes

March 1, 2012 Wrestling Blog Updates

PrintWelcome!      We have just finished a great  season of wrestling with the championships in a brand new home! I’m already working on next years State Championships and with that comes a new method of communication between our office and the member schools. When our Boss first told us to create a Blog, I panicked. I’m not a writer. But here we go with my first post! When I was teaching, I had to explain to my students the Kentucky Department of Educations terms: Novice, Apprentice, Proficient and Distinguished. I told my students that they should think in terms of an imaginary trip and how to get from here to the Beach. A “Novice” writer would get you lost. An “Apprentice” writer will get you there, but it will take days and you will hate the trip. A “Proficient” writer will be like MapQuest, they will get you there in the shortest time possible. But a “Distinguished” writer will not only get you there, but you will enjoy the journey. Unlike my Boss, I’m not a distinguished writer, my goal will be to reach “proficient” as often as possible.      Before the first round was over on Friday, I had begun a list of things that needed some attention, along with a long list of “you know what you need to do” suggestions. I believe we can incorporate many of those suggestions and improve on what I felt was a great tournament.       I will be in touch through out the year.Remember to check this blog for more Wrestling Notes as the year unfolds! Please subscribe to this blog via the “Follow by Email” box in the upper right hand corner of the blog page. Print

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