10/10/17 – Competitive Cheer Divisions / Scoring Reminders

Cheer Blog Updates

The 2017-18 KHSAA Competitive Cheer squads by division list has been compiled and released.

Click here to view school squad declaration

A reminder to coaches that no changes to divisions may be made and withdrawal from Region/State competition will result in penalties under Bylaw 27, including a fine.

Regional Competition dates, sites and managers have been posted on the KHSAA website for some time. Please review the schedule for your competition.

Click here to view regional dates/sites

With the adoption of Varsity/UCA scoresheets, coaches are advised to review those as posted on the KHSAA website.  Posted are links for All-Girl Scoresheet, Coed Scoresheet, Game Day Scoresheet, Point Deductions and Penalties, Pyramid Progressions, Scoresheet Video Breakdowns and Stunt Progressions.  Coaches may also view the online training that judges completed to become licensed by UCA.  All of this information is under the Cheer Judges, Judging and Scoresheet Information link.


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12/10/14 – Compiled Uniform Rules and Questions


Due to the fact that there is no single resource from which an athletic administrator can become informed about the rules governing uniforms for each of the OHSAA-sponsored sports, this document will summarize both the OHSAA General Sports Regulation on Uniforms as well as the specific regulations found in the playing rules of each sport. The OHSAA hopes that this information will assist athletic administrators and coaches so that costly mistakes are not made when ordering school uniforms. An additional purpose is to assist administrators in reinforcing these rules with coaches in order to prevent penalties for non-compliance. Coaches are responsible, along with student-athletes, for insuring that compliance with uniform rules. The head official shall require coaches to verify prior to each contest that all athletes are legally equipped, in legal uniforms and free of all jewelry.

The OHSAA General Sports Regulation #17, ?Athletic Uniforms? reads: Uniforms worn by participants in a high school athletic contest […]