08/26/13 – Video Replay and Video Board Reminders for Schools

August 26, 2013 Athletic Department Blog Updates


Sec. 2) Illegal Equipment/Videotaping
a) It shall also be considered a violation of this rule if any school or school representative(s) uses or allows the use of illegal equipment which gains a competitive advantage in the contest and which is expressly prohibited by the rules adopted for that sport.
b) This shall also include the on-site recording of past or future opponents in any electronic form without the expressed consent of all involved teams.
c) A violation of this provision may result in penalization by the Commissioner’s office in accordance with the provisions of this bylaw and in accordance with KHSAA Bylaw 27.
Case BL 15-14- Is it a violation for a school to videotape an opponent without permission or use otherwise illegal equipment such as cleats that exceed the size limit in football?
Yes. Such acts would be considered a violation of Bylaw 15, the practice of sportsmanship. Any school representative taping a contest of an opponent with which they are not currently engaged in competition without the permission of that opponent, is an unethical and unsportsmanlike act. The same is true of the usage of illegal equipment, particularly that which could lead to a competitive advantage outside the rules.

Upon request of a member school or contest official, a member of the Commission will review selected play situations and provide interpretations as to the proper application of the playing rules.
a) If requested, the results of such a review will be shared with the member school or requesting official and the appropriate Assigning Secretary. The video may also be retained for future training purposes, not to indict any school or official, but to ensure consistent rules application and serve as a resource for training material;
b) Video SHALL NOT BE USED (per KHSAA Bylaw 21) to appeal/protest the judgment call of an official, and will not be used to revise or adjust that judgment, or the subsequent penalties that may have arisen or shall arise from that judgment;
c) Video SHALL NOT BE USED during any contest for the purpose of assisting officials with making a game decision;
d) Video MAY be used at the discretion of the Commision to appropriately and properly identify the offenders in a situation where either the member school or game official has requested such review due to the possible misidentification (unable to get number, transposition of number, etc.);
e) Video MAY be used at the discretion of the Commission and in compliance with NFHS playing rules, if the game officials request review of an incident wherein the situation resulted in action involving a fight, ejection or other situation where the circumstances are unable to be accurately observed and reported by the game officials. This could include identifying individuals that were not previously identified, correcting the numbers/names of incorrectly identified individuals, identifying individuals, including non-players or substitutes who come onto the playing area during an altercation, or assessing different levels of involvement in the incident for the purpose of administrative action.

Sec. 1) Restrictions and Allowances on Video Boards
It is recognized that as technology advances, more facilities are adding video capability to the assets utilized at contests. To ensure the proper conduct of contests, and to ensure that such video is not used to the detriment of any school, coach, participant or contest official, the following specific restrictions shall be in place:
a) Any live action being shown during the contest may only be the simulcasting of a media broadcast of the event, and no audio from the simulcast can be projected via the venue sound system;
b) In the event of officials holding any type of conference to properly interpret or apply a game situation, video replays may NOT be shown during that conference and may not be shown until later in the contest or during a charged conference;
c) Any replay of game action that is shown on the video board, shall be shown only once immediately following the play, only at full game speed, and without announcing commentary from any source;
d) Replays of specific scoring plays and contest highlights may be shown during charged conferences or during breaks between periods, but should reflect a balance between participating teams and may not include announcer commentary;
e) Game administration is continually expected to exercise prudent judgment and ensure that nothing shown on the video boards can serve to incite the crowd against either team or the contest officials. Failure to perform this expected discretion may result in penalties against the school for a violation of Bylaw 15, Practice of Sportsmanship.




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