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02/09/17 – Important Reminders-Title IX Reports and Rosters

February 9, 2017 Athletic Department Blog Updates


As the winter sports season draws to a close, and we prepare to open up the 2017 Online Title IX reports for entry, we have discovered that a substantial number of member schools have team related issues that must first be corrected. Specifically, the issue is that a member school will designate that they offer a particular team, but do not have enough players on that team to actually field the team. Please note that new for 2017, the required online Title IX reports will be locked out for entry until a school corrects such team errors.

As a reminder, schools should only have teams loaded into their Primary KHSAA School Database that compete interscholastically against another team at that level. You must play a competitive regular schedule against other schools. Although mistakes do occur on the Varsity level, it is apparent that the vast majority of the issues in the roster system pertain to Freshman and/or Junior Varsity teams. Breaking this down further, the majority of the time we see that teams are listed without any players at all on them (which means that someone just forgot to remove the sport offering when you didn’t have enough interest), or that a team sport is listed at a level (freshman, JV or varsity) and roster entry is incomplete or the roster is without enough players to actually field them team (for example, a school stating that they have a JV Football Team, but only has 4 players listed).

Beginning in the Fall of 2016, any such team errors were identified and displayed in each School Administrators’ “Your Messages” notification area from within their KHSAA Member School Login. Those specific notices will point out Specific teams that you do not have enough players and the messages are in a bright red font. Click on the particular error notice to expand and receive more details. If you have roster editing rights (which are assigned for all Principals and ADs, and coaches within the school who have been granted such rights by the AD), you can begin the cleanup process.

It is our recommendation to add or remove levels of a team throughout the school year as the need arises. However, you cannot delete the level of a team that has played a contest against another school this school year. That would need  to be done after the school year ends. We understand that, depending on the time of the year, a school may not originally know whether or not they have enough to field a team at any level in a particular season. For example, in the fall, you may not know if you are going to have a Freshman or JV Baseball team, but when that season comes, if there are not enough players to field the team, that team must be removed in the system.

We will leave the decision to each school administrator on how to handle these situations. You may choose to remove those JV/Freshman teams carried over from the previous year at the start of a year, and add them back when you have enough players when the season arrives, or you may choose to leave them in initially and remove them once tryouts occur at the beginning of that sport season when you do not have enough players for the team. As long as the correct teams are correctly selected, either method would suffice. Title IX calculations are done behind the scenes and are transparent to the user including the players who are on teams and removed during the year.

As a refresher, the link to maintain your teams is entitled, “Maintain School Control Panel/Sport Offerings.” The link is located in the “Primary School Database Operations” section of links on your member school login page. Direct link:

IT Director Rob Catron also has produced a video that describes the process of adding and removing a team. The direct link to this video is at

We are asking now that each school administrator reviews this list of sports offerings to make sure it is accurate in preparation for your 2017 Title IX reporting. Again, you will not be able to enter your Title IX data when the reports open and submit your requisite reports, if roster errors remain.

If you have additional questions, please contact IT Director Rob Catron at or 859-299-5472, extension 249


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