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02/17/16 – Dive List Entry Form and Taping for All-American Consideration

February 17, 2016 Swimming Blog Updates


Diving Coaches may submit their diving entries to Mike Zehnder at the University of Louisville via email or by going to the following link:

Diving Entries

For your team name make sure you use your school code which can be found here:

School Code

If you wish to send your entries directly to Mike Zehnder via email, send them to him at

Please be sure to include, the name of your diver, your school, and the list of eleven dives by number in meet order with the voluntary dives designated. .

The Deadline to submit these entries is Tuesday, February 23, 2016, 12:00 p.m. EST.  

Credentials will again be required for those wishing to be on deck to videotape the diving sessions. Anyone wishing to access the deck during these sessions will be required to go to the team check-in/media entrance on Thursday and Saturday to request their credentials after purchasing their ticket. There will be a different color credential each day and this credential will allow these individuals on deck only during the diving sessions of the meet. Coaches please share this information with anyone who plans on filming and email that person’s name to Darren Bilberry at your earliest convenience. Filming will occur next to the judges. Due to limited space there will be a waiting area on deck and then an area to film which they will access when your athlete is ready to dive.    





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