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03/30/18 – Weather Related Inquiries Concerning Softball and Baseball

March 30, 2018


Due to the numerous game cancellations and interruptions as a result of inclement weather conditions in the sports of baseball and softball, the following reminders should prove helpful in addressing these situations when they arise:

  • Any games that begin but are not able to be completed count against the total game limit of 36.
  • According to NFHS rules in the sports of baseball and softball, the number of innings for one or both games in a doubleheader may be scheduled for five innings and count as a completed game by mutual agreement of the teams.
  • In the case of a shortened official game, the pay for the officials remains the same whether a game is shortened or not.  
  • District seeded games may not be shortened and must be played to completion and prior to the deadline of May 16, 2018. Coaches should keep this in mind when rescheduling cancelled contests or completing interrupted games as district seeded games have to be be played to completion and should be given priority.
  • Any district seeded game that is not completed by the deadline will count as a win and a loss for both teams for seeding purposes unless a forfeit can be attributed specifically to one team.
  • In order to be considered a complete game, a game must be at least five innings (NFHS Rule unless the home team is ahead after 4 and 1/2). For example, if a team plays five innings or seven full innings in the first game of a doubleheader and the second game is interrupted after only three innings, the second game will not count as a completed game but will count against the overall game limit.
  • There will be no exceptions to Bylaw 23 Limitation of Seasons (Sec. 1 (b), Schedule of Contests on Consecutive Days), which states that: Contests shall be scheduled so that there are not four consecutive days of competition on any Monday through Thursday period while school is in session.  


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