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04/09/18- Reminder About Corresponding Date Rollover – 2018-19 through 2021-22 And Changes in Basketball, Tennis and Track & Field Schedules

April 8, 2018


This reminder is for all member schools as scheduling decisions are made relative to 2018-2019 and beyond. Athletic Directors and others scheduling contests should pay close attention to the information at These charts are invaluable when scheduling year-to-year. It is critical that athletic directors and athletic administrators ensure that this information is passed on to any coach that assists with scheduling in any sport.

Events that are always held the same time each year, or contests played between opponents regularly at the same time each year, should use the corresponding week numbers for reference when choosing dates, not the relative position within the month. In other words, schools should think in terms of the game always being in week 12, 13, 14, etc., rather than the last weekend in December or first weekend in March. Using the corresponding week numbers will help prevent inadvertent scheduling issues.

For example, a quick look at illustrates a situation that was described in detail at the Regional Meetings last fall and occurs every few years as the calendar “corrects” itself. Normally, when scheduling games on a year-to-year basis, the contest the following year is typically one or two days earlier in the future month than it is in the current year. For example, a contest on January 23 one year, might be played January 22 the next year, or even January 21, as the calendar might adjust two days if leap year is involved.

However, between 2018-2019 and 2019-2020, the calendar “rollover” occurs which allows the calendar to correct itself. So a contest played during week 12 on September 16 in 2019 would be played on September 22 in 2020. This adjustment is necessary every few years since the number of days in the year is not evenly divisible by 7.


All schools scheduling basketball games for the next few years should pay careful attention to the basketball corresponding date calendar at In addition to the calendar “rollover” in 2019-2020, there is also a one-year adjustment only for 2020-2021 due to the shift of the entire season one week earlier in that year.

This previously announced adjustment is due to a facility conflict for postseason tournaments that resulted in the movement of the basketball season for one year. THE SEASON REMAINS 12 WEEKS IN LENGTH with no reduction in games during any year, however, the corresponding scheduling dates are different and that listing on the website will be vital to ensure that events always held in the same week are scheduled properly.

This is especially critical for those that schedule tournaments each year or those that schedule out of state opponents, as that transition between 2019-20 and 2020-21, and then the transition back for 2021-22, will be a difficult scheduling situation if the corresponding date chart is not reviewed.


All schools scheduling tennis and track & field competition should also note the change in state and resultantly, region dates for the coming year (2018-2019). As indicated on the corresponding date chart for those two sports ( and, the state championships in these two sports will shift to NFHS corresponding week 48 (from the current week 46) beginning in 2019.

The Board of Control approve the previously announced move of these dates at a meeting earlier this year and the state championship venues have made necessary scheduling adjustments. This shift will attempt to eliminate the current conflict with the state standardized testing in the vast majority of the public school districts. In general, these state events will now be held during the weekend following Memorial Day in most years.

For regional track, there will now be a two-week window for the meets to help alleviate many graduation conflicts with the full realization that in some years, based on weather and other situations, all conflicts cannot be eliminated. The change will also allow full consideration of any future changes in the conduct of the tennis championships, an ongoing discussion within the Board of Control.


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