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07/25/16 – Important Reminder to Update School Personnel Information

July 25, 2016 Athletic Department Blog Updates


As we approach the start of the sports seasons and school year, it is critical that all schools have coaching lists and information up to date, as well as administrators and non-coaches.

All content in the data system is accessible solely through the school login subdomain at On that page are invaluable video links to assist with “how to” of the subdomain.

It is critical that you update your non-coach data, such as the Principal, Athletic Director, Superintendent, Bookkeeper, Title IX Contacts and others. The link to update this information is located at or click on the link entitled “Maintain School Admin Personnel And Coaches” from the main page at and then select “Maintain School/School System Non-Coaching Personnel”. A few important notes:

  • If a particular position is in Red, it is required to be entered.
  • If there are multiple entries for the same position, the cell will be shaded yellow just as a caution.
  • You are permitted multiple entries for a position (should you have multiple ADs, etc.), but may only have one Designated Representative and only one Superintendent.
  • To remove a previous person, simply click on their name, and remove those roles they no longer fill for your school.
  • For video assistance with the interface, go to

If you have questions or need technical support, contact Rob Catron ( at the KHSAA offices in Lexington.


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