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08/25/17- Reminders on Schedules/Rosters/Statistics Entry Requirement

August 25, 2017


Please take a moment to review the following reminders on requirements for member schools involving schedules, rosters and statistics.

The KHSAA/ Scoreboard is provided as a service to schools, student-athletes, media members and the general public. Scoreboard data is copyrighted through a joint partnership with the KHSAA, Frank Riherd and, and the Association thanks them for their efforts in support of this project.

One of the most frequent complaints we hear from the media, general public and our own membership is that the scoreboard contains inaccurate schedules and rosters. As this is often the tool the media uses to cover your programs, this information provides tremendous promotional benefit to your students and school community. It is the responsibility of each school to maintain its schedules and rosters with current and accurate information, including jersey numbers and positions for all listed student-athletes.

At your earliest convenience, please take a moment to review the schedules and rosters for your team(s) on the KHSAA/ Scoreboard and make sure they are up-to-date. Rosters should be monitored periodically throughout the regular season to help prevent students from being omitted from postseason rosters. Instructional videos can be viewed in the admin system. Feel free to contact Joe Angolia ( if you have stats questions, or Rob Catron ( if you have technical issues.

If your team is competing in a tournament during the regular season and the event is not included as an option in the admin system, please send an email to with a request to have the tournament added, and include the sport, event name and location of the tournament. Emails should also be sent to should you need an out-of-state opponent added to the dropdown list, and should include the sport, full name of the high school and location (city and state).

Scores should be reported to the KHSAA/ Scoreboard immediately following each contest. The automated game day emails sent to staff members with scorekeeping capabilities provide the quickest method to get scores entered, and can be submitted directly from any computer or mobile device. Users are advised to carefully review entered data before submitting to prevent reversed scores from appearing on the scoreboard.

Coaches can also call in scores to the scoreboard hotline at 1-800-453-6882. Do not assume the home team will call in the score. It is better to have a score reported twice than not at all. Providing timely results to the public, media and the membership is a priority for the Association. Having an accurate and up-to-date scoreboard is a valuable resource for all involved.

Statistical entry is required in the sports of football, basketball, soccer, baseball and softball, and will be used to compile a list of statewide leaders. Statistical entry has the benefit of allowing member schools to highlight and promote the accomplishment of their student-athletes, which should be a priority for all involved in school-based sports.

While Max Preps was used during the spring season for baseball and softball, stat entry for the fall sports will remain with the KHSAA through the subdomain. Individual games should be entered within 48 hours of completion of the event. A weekly statistical leaders report will be manually generated by the KHSAA each Thursday at 12 p.m. (ET), starting August 31. Member schools are solely responsible for submitting statistical information. If a school or individual is omitted from the weekly leaders report, or information is not updated, that means the team in question did not update its statistics through the KHSAA’s online system prior to the deadline.

Statistical entry is required of all member schools, and those failing to meet the requirement to enter stats are subject to penalties from the Commissioner, including fines and other actions within the constraints of Bylaw 27.


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