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09/05/14 – Update on Bylaw 6 Transfer Requests/Rulings/Forms

September 5, 2014 Athletic Department Blog Updates


We wanted to update Athletic Administrators on a couple of recent changes with regard to submission of Bylaw 6 Domestic Student Transfer Request Forms and, with the turnover of administrators, also remind you of some tips that will help in the review and ruling process.

Under what circumstances can a transferring student be declared eligible without completing a waiver form and sending to the KHSAA?

There are several circumstances and documented exceptions for which the waiver form is not necessary to be submitted, including: 

  • If it can be documented that the student last participated at the receiving school and has not been granted eligibility at any other school (in or out of state). This sometime occurs when a student plays for school A, then transfers to B and does not seek a transfer ruling or seeks a ruling and is denied eligibility, and subsequently returns to the original school;
  • If it can be documented by records of the sending school that the student has had more than one calendar year since the last date of varsity participation. This would be verified by the sending school verifying in writing the last participation date and such verification would remain on file at the receiving school;
  • If a Board of Education is redistricting its students due to consolidation, closure or a single school splitting into multiple schools and the transferring student is adhering strictly to the policy adopted by the Board of Education and such plan has been submitted to the KHSAA in advance of the consolidation/closure/split of schools. This DOES NOT include optional or discretionary decisions by individual students in advance of the consolidation, closure or splitting of a single school and is not valid until the implementation of the consolidation, closure or splitting of a single school; 
  • If the case involves a transfer from a non-KHSAA member school that is located in Kentucky and the receiving school principal has the requisite information contained on the Form GE06 from the sending school; and
  • If the receiving school has received verified copies of the orders from any branch of the United States military service, including the reserve components, and has on file at the school a completed copy of form GE06. This required documentation, to be kept on file at the receiving school, includes a Permanent Change of Station or Change of Duty Status, and this exception may also be applicable in the case where transfer is made necessary by implementation of the Interstate Compact on Education Opportunity for Military Children.

Any school failing to properly certify the eligibility of a student who ultimately has an ineligible student participate or practice will be held accountable for penalty in compliance with other KHSAA bylaws.

Last Date of Varsity Participation – We must have the exact last date of varsity participation. Month, Day, Year (i.e., Aug., 2014 is not acceptable nor is 2014). The school requesting the eligibility is responsible for making sure we receive this information and if the detailed date is not provided, it merely slows down the process of the office issuing a ruling.

Guardianship – We are receiving transfers where the request is for a waiver based on a change of custody when, in fact, the documentation provided is guardianship. Remember, guardianship does not meet one of the exceptions under Bylaw 6 for the one-year period of ineligibility to be waived. While it may be used to verify enrollment at a public school, it does not apply to the privilege of participation in interscholastic athletics.

Rulings – Keep in mind, the beginning of the school year is a busy time for everyone and staff makes every effort to make a ruling as quickly as possible. You can help this process by making sure all information is complete and any support documentation is provided. To date, the office has already ruled on over 375 cases since July 1. We make every attempt to issue a ruling (provided documentation is complete) within 3-5 business days.

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