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09/17/18 – Reminders About Bylaw 11 – Financial Aid

September 17, 2018 Athletic Department Blog Updates


As the school year is underway, the KHSAA wanted to remind Administrators, Athletic Directors, coaches, student-athletes and parents about Bylaw 11, which outlines the parameters for permissible and impermissible financial aid for student-athletes participating in KHSAA sanctioned sports or sport-activities. Financial Aid, as defined by the membership within this bylaw, is any and all aid given to a student which reduces tuition, including awards, grants, work-study, reductions and waivers.

It is worth reminding you that a student becomes ineligible to participate if he/she is more than sixty (60) days deficient in the payment of tuition, necessary fees, cost and other charges for attending a member school without corresponding documentation or a revised needs analysis form.

This bylaw also defines both this and other examples of impermissible aid and is available in its entirety here:

Please contact Darren Bilberry ( if you have specific questions regarding a specific student pertaining to Bylaw 11.


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