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12/06/13 – 10:30 am – Changes in Schedule, State Football Finals

December 6, 2013 2013-2014 News Releases


After reviewing all of the available data/information and the most educated predictions, the KHSAA is making schedule adjustments for the rest of the weekend, and changes to a few of the event instructions to help with this weekend’s weather situation. Though there are dozens of factors that went into the schedule revisions, the first and foremost concerns have been competitor safety, and the travel needs of the entire school communities, especially the evenings when ice is highly anticipated. All 12 schools through their senior administration, have been involved in the lengthy discussions about options and individual situations considered, ranging from those three miles from the facility, to many hours away. In the end, the teams have committed at this time to being able to accommodate the schedule changes. Each person desiring to attend the games must make the most prudent decision for their own circumstances as far as coming to the games, all of which will be streamed live on through the channel.

The revised schedule will be as follows (all times Central  Time):
Friday, 12/6, 11 am – Class 1A- Mayfield vs. Williamsburg (as scheduled)
Friday, 12/6, 3 pm – Class 3A- Wayne County vs. Belfry (as scheduled)

Saturday, 12/7, 11 am – Class 2A- DeSales vs. Newport Central Catholic
(as scheduled)
Saturday, 12/7, 2 pm – Class 4A- Collins vs. Highlands
Saturday, 12/7, 5 pm – Class 6A- Meade County vs. Scott County

Sunday, 12/8, 2 pm – Class 5A- Bowling Green vs. Pulaski County

Changes in event guidance:
Teams will be guaranteed 30 minutes of warm up time
All half times will be 15 minutes
Locker room assignments will be made upon arrival and may change from
original plans

If further changes are necessary, additional news posts and communication will be sent out.


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