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04/18/13 Pole Vault Box Collar Padding Announcment

April 22, 2013 Track and Field Blog Updates


On April 4, 2013 the National Federation announced a rule change regarding the use of  the new ASTM approved standard for padding on pole vaulting box collars.  Due to the timing of this rule change, the implementation decision for 2013 post season has been deferred to the state associations until the full rules committee of the NFHS can meet to discuss 2013-2014 rule change. This change is not based on injury data but a desire to allow progressive protective equipment to be added at a point in time when manufacturing supply and availability make it feasible.

After reviewing the situation and looking at both the stock issues of the newer kits and the lack of equitable practice opportunities on the new equipment, the KHSAA will handle this situation as follows:

  • For the 2013, the KHSAA will not be implementing the new collar for post season regional competition. It is believed to be imperative that the athletes be allowed to practice and compete throughout the year on this newer equipment and that all regions be equipped in the same manner.
  • For the 2013, the KHSAA will not be implementing the new collar for the 2013 state meet for primarily the same reasons.
  • For the remainder of the regular season the host schools for those meets can determine use for the schools home meets.
  • Both types of collar padding, which meets the current rule or meets the new allowance the legal under the NFHS rules for the remainder of the regular season. The determination of legality of equipment for 2014 will be made after NFHS rules committee conducts its annual meeting..  

Below is a copy of the NFHS notice.

NFHS – Pole Vault Planting Box Padding

The Track and Field Rules Committee recommended and the NFHS Board of Directors approved an immediate rule change to Track and Field Rule 7-5-24 pertaining to padding for the pole vault planting box. Rule 7-5-24 now permits the use of planting box padding that meets the new ASTM Specification Standard.

Rule 7-5-24…The planting box shall not contain any foreign materials except planting box padding. Such padding, if used, shall meet the applicable ASTM Specification Standard, and can be incorporated into the design of the planting box or can be a padding addition to an existing planting box. NOTE: Padding meeting the ASTM Standard may be used immediately, subject to rejection or conditional approval by state association action.

Rationale: For the purpose of minimizing risk of injury to a pole vaulter, allow planting box padding that meets the applicable ASTM Specification Standard.

The Track and Field Rules Committee recommended the rule change for the purpose of risk minimization with release of the ASTM standard and new product availability. In addition, with the NCAA requiring such planting box padding by December 1, 2013, there is a growing number of facilities utilizing the padding this outdoor season. Thus, high schools may encounter padding meeting the new standard. Unless determined otherwise by the respective state association, it is now permissible to use pole vault planting box padding meeting the ASTM standard.

All current rules requirements for padding are still in effect. For additional information regarding NFHS pole vault equipment requirements, please refer to the 2013 NFHS Track and Field Rules, 7-5.


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