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04/2/12 Welcome

April 2, 2012 Track and Field Blog Updates

Hello all –
We have had some really great weather for the track and field season.  We hope that this good fortune continues as we approach the warmer days.  Please remember that as of April 15 it is a requirement to begin your heat index recordings.
I recently sent out a rules clarification for Tournament Rule (Track and Field – p. 114 of the KHSAA handbook) – XI – C – 8:  BODY MARKINGS / TATTOOS – A permanent tattoo that is not objectionable in the judgement of an of?cial, would be allowed. A permanent tattoo that is objectionable in its content or form shall be covered. Anything non permanent including tattoos, face paint, etc. would not be legal if visible on any part of the body as it would be excessive body decoration.

We have had several questions about hair color and the legality of nontraditional colors (i.e. blue, green, pink).  After further review of the rule currently in place, the conclusion that permanent or semi permanent dyed hair is legal and shall be ruled legal by all officials for the track and field and cross country seasons.  If the official questions the permanent or non permanent nature of the dyed hair, the coach shall bare the responsibility for checking and confirming that the hair is legal by the rule. Coaches:  We remind you that this rule was put in place when participants were using face paint and temporary hair coloring.  At that time health care professionals recommended that we ban these non permanent substances for health and safety reasons.
ADAPTED PARTICIPANTS – We are excited to continue our exhibition competitions for wheelchair athletes.  We will sponsor the shot put and the 100m events again this year in the post season.  Remember that all participants should compete in at least 4 meets prior to the regional competition.  It is recommended that schools make the meet managers (regular season and post season) aware that your school will have a wheelchair athlete.  This will allow the host school and officials to be prepared to best serve their needs and be familiar with the rules that surround their participation.
Also, please notify me directly if you have a wheelchair athlete participating–  I will be glad to help answer any questions you might have.  Please read over the information we have provided on the website –
Wishing you continued good weather and good times and distances!

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