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04/24/13 – NFHS Offers Free Pole Vault Course and Calendar Reminder for 2014

April 24, 2013 Track and Field Blog Updates



The NFHS released a free course for coaches, participants, and parents on Pole Vault.  

Through the collaborative efforts of the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), the NCAA and USA Track & Field, an online pole vault skills course has been developed for coaches and athletes and is available for free on the NFHS Coach Education Program Web site at

The course, “Pole Vault: Successful Skill Development,” is designed to further advance the knowledge of coaches and pole vaulters at all levels of sport – youth, high school and college — by teaching the introductory skills and safety aspects of the pole vault.

“This course is designed for both the coach and vaulter,” said Becky Oakes, NFHS director of sports and editor of the NFHS Track and Field Rules Book. “It provides a solid foundation of the skills and techniques of the event. Through the collaborative efforts of the NFHS, NCAA and USATF, this free online course is the first of our continuing efforts to provide sound techniques that will help minimize risk of injury and improve performance for pole vaulting. ‘Pole Vault:  Successful Skill Development’ is a ‘must-take’ course for all pole vault coaches, high school student-athletes and their parents.”

Pole Vault: Successful Skill Development

The NFHS strongly encourages our interscholastic coaches, student vaulters and their parents to complete this free course.


Because of the rollover in the NFHS calendar please be aware that the track season is shortened  by  a week during the 2014  and 2015 season. This is not due to any action of the Board of Control nor the KHSAA office.  We wanted to be sure that you are looking at this calendar as you beginning planning next years schedule –


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