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07/23/13 – Football Playoff Survey Released, Board approves Results

July 23, 2013 Football Blog Updates


At its July 22nd meeting, the KHSAA Board of Control received results from the latest playoff format survey completed by the membership. The survey was performed as the first step in beginning the process of aligning football for the 2015 through 2018 playing seasons. 210 of the 220 football playing schools responded, with 118 members (56.2%) favoring retaining the current format of bringing 4 teams from each district to the playoffs, 39 favoring bringing only three teams, and 53 favoring bringing only two teams from each district. The Commissioner applauded the membership for the outstanding rate of response.

This data will allow for the initial development of alignment drafts. The efforts will continue with more discussion at the November meeting of the Board of Control regarding an exact combination of enrollment data to be used and further discussion of the options in class 1A, where the schools were nearly evenly divided on a playoff format. The current plans calls for the development of an alignment draft for those future years to be completed prior to the January, 2014 meeting. After a draft is approved, it will be sent to the membership for review and the Board plans on finalizing the process not later than its May, 2014 meeting to allow for scheduling to begin.

The survey instrument is located at with school by school results at