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9/13/12 – Squad Competition Requirements for Out-Of-State Travel

September 13, 2012 Cheer Blog Updates


We have received questions regarding the requirement of participation in the KHSAA Region/State Competitions in order to have out-of-state travel sanctioned and approved by our office.  Below is a Q/A that should help address the situation.  However, always feel free to contact our office on any competitive cheer question.

Q – Both our Junior Varsity and Varsity squads seek out-of-state travel sanction/approval by KHSAA.  Do both squads have to compete in the KHSAA postseason (Region and State) to meet the requirement?

A – The Varsity squad is required to participate in the KHSAA Region/State for any travel (Varsity or Junior Varsity) to be approved/sanctioned by the KHSAA Office. 

For Example:  Varsity School A participates in both KHSAA Region and State, then both Junior Varsity and Varsity would be meet the requirement and be eligible for out-of-state travel to be sanction/approved by the KHSAA.



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