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Ruling Officer Assignments – 2016-17

July 1, 2016 Athletic Department Blog Updates

    Primary Secondary
2 Age-For documented waiver due to retention per the state exception, contact the ruling officer. There is no ruling in any other circumstances as the bylaw is state law Barren Bilberry
3 Enrollment Years Cope Bilberry
4 Enrollment Required Cope Bilberry
5 Academics Bridenbaugh Cope
6 Domestic Transfer Bilberry Cope
7 Foreign Exchange Barren Bridenbaugh
8 Foreign Transfer Barren Bridenbaugh
9 BK/FB Outside Team Bridenbaugh Cope
10 Awards Cope Bridenbaugh
11 Financial Aid Bridenbaugh Cope
12 Physician Consent Bilberry Barren
13 Baseball Agreement Cope Barren
14 Other Eligibility Rules Bilberry Barren
  Primary would always consult secondary for any adverse ruling and review, possibly also with counsel    
  Secondary would issue all rulings when Primary is 1) taking vacation leave or 2) out of town more than one day for a state event to which he/she is assigned    

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