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02/01/14 – January, 2014 Board of Control Meeting Review

February 1, 2014 Athletic Department Blog Updates


The following is a review of the items discussed at the January, 2014 KHSAA Board of Control Meeting and the status of those issues. The Board meets six times per year, and each time, the membership will be updated as far as actions by the Board. While many of them attempt to communicate with you on a regular basis, I also want the schools informed of a consistent summary. All documents related to this meeting can be found online at

BOARD MEETING – January 27, 2014

The meeting began with a presentation from the Kentucky Pro Football Hall of Fame. Former Board member Steve Parker and former NFL Defensive Back led a delegation soliciting the Board and staff support in promoting the organization in helping to promote the history of football in the state. The Board was receptive to the presentation and encouraged continued communication with the office.

The Board then recessed to conduct committee meetings.

The Individual Sports Committee had only one item on its agenda as it considered the realignment of Tennis. Following a length discussion, the committee voted to define the parameters for the initial draft to coincide with basketball alignment and have staff return to the April meeting with a proposal.

The Board approved the committee report during the full meeting later in the day.

The Team Sports Committee had several items action and discussion matters for consideration, and made the following decisions:

  • The staff recommendation was approved to allow schools to play into a higher class in football based solely on a school request, with efforts to offer schools in the lowest enrolled schools in that higher class to opt down, thereby lowering the dividing line for the class. This would allow for the classes to remain as desired by the Board, 32 schools in Class 1A, 32 schools in Class 6A, and the balance divided approximately evenly between the remaining four classes;
  • Approved the use of the four-year average enrollment to determine the class boundaries;
  • Approved site specifications for Soccer postseason hosting;
  • Approved and empowered the Commissioner to sign contracts to extend the hosting agreement for Western Kentucky University and the state football finals through the 2018 finals;
  • Approved RFP specifications for the  state girls basketball tournament;
  • Approved revision in the sanctioning rules to specify that foreign teams coming into Kentucky to play the member schools shall be school based teams, and not club. travel or professional teams.

Each of these items considered by the Team Sports Committee were approved by the Full Board of Control at its regular meeting.

The Regulation and Adoption Committee then met, and made final reviews of the proposals to be submitted to the membership for consideration at the September 29 Annual meeting of schools. Te committee recommendation was approved by the Full Board of Control at its regular meeting.

FULL BOARD MEETING – January 27, 2014

The Board as part of its consent agenda, approved the following reports:

  • The minutes from the November Board of Control meeting;
  • The Transfer Reports from July 1 to December 31;
  • The Appeals Report from July 1 to December 31; and
  • The report of other school eligibility rulings from July 1 to December 31.

The Board as part of its reports of Board Business, approved the following reports:

  • The Cash Disbursements from November 1 to December 31;
  • The Income Statement from July 1 to December 31;
  • The General Ledger Report from July 1 to December 31;

In other items, the Board considered and approved:

  • A report of the External and Internal Corporate Sales including the status of soccer and volleyball ball adoption, and the status of other long term contracts;
  • A request that the staff be able to solicit Big Ass Fans/Big Ass Solutions as a sponsor;
  • A staff report on the first full year of as a streaming source for KHSAA events including the NFHS network.
  • The Board also had a lengthy discussion about revisions to the Sport and Sport Activity sanctioning policy. It was approved to amend the policy wherein 50 member schools would be required to start a new sport or sport activity; 25 would be required to continue a sport or sport-activity, with the provision that the Board could exempt either number to make a determination to help promote participation by females.

The next meeting of the Board is scheduled in April with the following items on the agenda;

  • Continued football alignment discussion;
  • Continued tennis alignment discussion;
  • Further discussion on the possibility of increasing the membership dues of the Association and have that amount include sets of tickets for the school to utilize at its discretion.





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