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02/24/14 – Roster Entry Reminder – Post Season

February 4, 2014 Athletic Department Blog Updates


This is a reminder about eligibility for postseason play in all sports, with today’s focus being on basketball. Today is the first day of basketball postseason and to be eligible to play in postseason, a student must be on ONE of the online rosters for the school (freshman, JV or varsity). It is NO LONGER NECESSARY, as has been explained throughout the year, to artificially move people up to the varsity roster for postseason or go in and make other manipulations of the roster. The listing of a student on any level roster allows for a student to play in postseason.

Also remember that to be on any roster, the student must have participated regularly at practice with the coach and the remainder of the team, and participated in competition representing the school against other schools at the freshman, JV or varsity level. They can’t just list names on the rosters who have never practiced or played. The criteria is the same as the criteria for inclusion for the purposes of Title IX inclusion.

This has been sent out a couple of times through the sport contacts at the office, but will continue to send the information out to schools and districts through the year. This was explained in great detail as well at the fall workshops.

We wish every safe travels and good luck in the postseason.


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