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03/30/17 – Reminders about Title IX and Participation List Submission for 16-17

March 30, 2017 Athletic Department Blog Updates


As spring sports are now fully in swing, it is time to remind each of you that the annual reports for Title IX and the Participation List are due on April 30.

  • If you have specific questions about Title IX and the law itself, any of our Assistant Commissioners should be able to help get you some assistance. Asst. Commissioner Darren Bilberry ( is our primary contact for your questions related to the law and its interpretations.
  • Information Technology Director Rob Catron (, as well as almost any of our support staff, can help you with electronic issues including login and report preparation using the online system. The online system is currently available for entry.

This year, based on feedback from the membership, there have been minimal system changes to make this task easier. Here are the highlights:

  • You will not be able to submit your reports if you have incomplete rosters. Based on roster minimums, the system will instruct you to complete your roster(s) or revise your team grid. The answer is NOT to simply delete nonvarsity teams. The answer is to make a subjective evaluation as to whether or not you had the team for 2016-2017, and if so, ensure that an accurate roster is complete.
  • See the blog post at for reminders about the roster system.
  • Remember that you cannot delete a team level if there are coaches assigned to that team, or players assigned to the roster of that team.
  • If the sport is a KHSAA sport or sport-activity this year and you played at least one contest at that level against another school, then you had that team and should record data including coaches and rosters.
  • If the sport is NOT a KHSAA sport or sport-activity this year (i.e. Lacrosse, Trap Shooting, Dance), then you must have played a minimum of 10 contests against other schools, the team must be under the same supervision as other sports (i.e. the Athletic Director), and the other criteria previously explained in the Title IX workshops and other communication. Please record your rosters completely and accurately in all of those sports and sport-activities.
  • 2016-17 is NOT a REQUIRED student interest survey year for all schools. The T63 form can be opened up to allow for the entry of survey results if your school performed the survey. Contact Mr. Catron if you need this form accessible because you did a survey. The T63 form has been revised and will NOT allow for entry if there is less than an 80% response rate. In addition, any entry of 0 as the interest of the students will have to be confirmed since our audit team has found it highly unlikely that no student in the entire survey audience has an interest in a specific sport or sport-activity.
  • Schools again are able to submit both the Title IX report and Annual Participation list at the same time since both are based SOLELY on a minimal amount of additional data entry and the contents of your online rosters for all sports and sport-activities.
  • *NOTE* Single gender schools perform your Participation List entry in the same manner, simply bypassing the Title IX information. The system will guide you through the steps.

There are four primary things that must be done before you start with your actual Title IX and Participation reports:

  • Ensure that all of your team rosters have the minimum number of competitors entered on the roster, and have coaches assigned. Throughout this year and in reviewing data from last year, staff has noticed that several sports had incomplete rosters or listed no one on the non-varsity rosters. This will result in inaccurate data and counting at a minimum, and a KHSAA eligibility concern at the worst.
  • Please take the time to check and edit all of your rosters, including the freshman, JV and varsity levels. In addition, we noticed that in sports like wrestling, that have an electronic entry, many schools had not entered the entire roster into the online system and had only entered them into the NWCA system. No matter what else you do, your student-athletes are not eligible to participate in a scrimmage or game in any sport or sport-activity if they are not listed on the KHSAA online roster. The postseason columns do not affect any results, only the freshman, JV and varsity rosters. 
  • Be certain and enter your complete roster for Competitive Cheer, including all levels if you maintain more than one. Keep in mind, you DO NOT list individuals on your cheer roster if you do not compete in competitions, and the sole role is sideline support and do not list the members who ONLY cheer at games and are not on your competitive squad. The software will properly exclude the cheerleaders from Title IX reports, but properly include the members on your participation lists.
  • Lastly, have your 2015-2016 financial expenditures data available (including booster expenditures) so that you can complete form T-35 if you have not had time to do so. The form and entry portal has been online and live for several weeks to allow for the entry of this information.
  • Once you have completed these steps, you will then login to the online system and begin your reports. Keep the following final points in mind:

Our Information Technology Director Rob Catron has recorded a series of short videos that help with all of the entry functions for rosters, and completion of the reports. If you log in to, there are buttons in the column on the right that take you to these videos.

Before beginning, it would be advisable to view the videos related to the Roster Entry and Title IX reports, particularly the roster review video on the Title IX page. It is in this important step (roster review) that you can remove individuals who did not participate but may, in fact, be holdovers from past years.

No paper needs to be submitted and there is NO option for paper submission of the reports. The forms that are posted on the website are samples for you to use in beginning to compile the report and are especially helpful when completing the salary and expense information (T-35). When you submit your report, it will automatically produce the compiled report (in PDF format) and the office will be alerted to its receipt. From there, the Title IX audit staff will review the documents and return any notes to you.

Here are some final notes for you to keep in mind:

  • Be ever mindful that participation data comes ONLY from the online roster entry. There is no option to count participants and enter the numbers manually, they come totally from your rosters. It is critically important for Title IX counting purposes that you accurately designate which players played multiple levels of sport, including those below grade 9. If they played freshman, JV, and Varsity, for example, be sure all boxes are checked.
  • Mr. Catron’s videos are very direct in terms of adding players, deleting players and ensuring that the rosters are accurate. Again, you would be advised to view them first.
  • Enrollment data is based on the KDE data used in classification and has already been seeded into the reports (including the non-public school data submissions). No numbers may be revised or otherwise utilized for enrollment.
  • Once your Title IX report has been submitted, you can then immediately electronically submit your Annual Participation List. You will then be able to print copies of both reports for your records should you so desire.

Thanks and we look forward to your April 30 report.


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