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04/09/14 – Roster Maintenance, 2014 Title IX/Participation Entry

April 9, 2014 Athletic Department Blog Updates


Later this week, the balance of the reporting mechanisms will be released regarding this year’s Title IX and participation reports. These reports are required of ALL KHSAA member schools annually. There are two important reminders and items schools may be working on in advance of the final report release which will greatly expedite the completion of the required work.


Though there is a formal and technical part of roster review as a component of the reports, a minor revision has been made in the menuing system that can help you maintain your data on an ongoing basis, and not have to do everything at the last minute.

On the school login menu, under the heading “Student Athlete Rosters”, and the command that says “Maintain Specific Team Rosters”, the code has been revised to clearly show you teams that need addressing. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have a team in a sport and a level, BUT that box indicates a “0”, you have no players entered on the team roster. This is the number one most prevalent error by the member schools. Please take the time to review this information (remember, when logged in as the AD, you can instantly edit those rosters when you see this 0, simply by clicking on the cell containing the 0. This will tremendously expedite your preparation of reports. While a great deal of the roster information missing from the schools is for spring sports that are just now into their regular season, this step will help int he process.

SPECIAL NOTE TO WRESTLING SCHOOLS: Many of your coaches mistakenly think by entering the athletes through the nwcaonline system, their rosters are officially entered in the KHSAA system. Please ensure that those rosters entered by your coaches in that system, and your participation reports, agree as to the listing of athletes. This was an identified issue in the past two years and there is not a means to electronically link those rosters and guarantee accuracy of the data.


Secondly, remember that you cannot complete your reports without completing the new 5-year sports matrix. In the February 18th blog post about Title IX Reports and Roster Entry (, there were specific details about completing this report.

Finishing these two steps will GREATLY speed up the completion of your reports. We will notify all of the member schools when those reports are ready for final entry.

Please contact the KHSAA offices if you have issues or questions. Primary POC for electronic entry issues are Rob Catron, Jeremy Ison or Marilyn Mitchell. Title IX specific questions should be addressed to Title IX Compliance Coordinator Darren Bilberry or a member of the Title IX audit team.

Thank you!


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