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04/01/19 – List of Items for Annual Required Financial Aid Report

April 1, 2019 Athletic Department Blog Updates


It is once again that time of year for ALL KHSAA member schools to complete the required annual financial aid report in compliance with Bylaw 11. This report is required of ALL KHSAA member schools. In an effort to assist Principals and Athletic Directors in preparing for this report, this checklist of information is provided so that you can spend a few days gathering the required data and information prior to the request for report completion.

The link to enter the required report will open for completion on April 15. Gathering this information before the link is sent on April 15 should allow you to quickly complete the report in expedited fashion. Assistant Commissioner Sarah Bridenbaugh ( will be the contact for sending out the request for submissions and should be able to address any of your questions.

The following is a list of information you should have available when submitting the 2018-2019 Financial Aid Report:

  • The specific public school district boundary in which your school is physically located
  • Whether or not your school hosts Foreign Exchange students (J-1 Visa, F-1 Visa)
    • If your school does host Foreign exchange students, does your school waive the fee/tuition for any of those students?
    • If your school does host Foreign exchange students, does any student pay less than the full, unreimbursed cost of education?
  • Dorms (Room & Board)
    • Room and Board amounts charged to students
    • If any students receive discount housing
    • The amount charged to any student paying less than the full published amount for Room & Board
  • Tuition (This includes non-public and out-of-district public school students. This may be tuition collected by the school, tuition collected by the school district or tuition collected through a third-party billing agency. Please be diligent when researching the answer to this question as we have found that though many public schools do not collect tuition from out-of-district students, the district does collect fees and therefore the restrictions would apply. This does not include free and/or reduced lunch)
    • Full published amount of tuition due (be sure and include the full amount even if a reciprocal agreement between public school districts exists)
    • Knowledge of any student paying less than full tuition (not specific students’ names at this point)
    • All tuition reductions offered by school, which can include:
      • Financial Need (based on third-party analysis)
      • Merit Award (limited and based on approved testing instruments)
      • J-1 or F-1 Foreign Exchange Student
      • Employee Benefit
      • Multiple Child Discount
      • Tuition waiver as part of 157.350 (reciprocal) agreement between adjacent public school districts
  • School Background
    • Number of student-athletes (all levels)
  • Financial Aid
    • Number of total students in general student body receiving need-based aid broken down for each grade and gender (i.e. # of 9th-grade boys, 11th-grade girls, etc.)
    • Number of student-athletes receiving need-based aid broken down for each grade and gender
    • Number of total students in general student body receiving merit aid, broken down for each grade and gender
    • Number of student-athletes receiving merit aid broken down for each grade and gender
    • Total dollar amount of financial obligations that students were unable to meet for 2018-19
    • Total dollar amount of financial obligations that student-athletes were unable to meet for 2018-19
    • Number of student-athletes unable to meet financial obligations for 2018-19
    • Components for aid your school offers to students
      • Merit Aid awarded after administration of the following approved tests which can include:
        • High School Placement Test (HSPT)
        • Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE)
        • Education Records Bureau (ERB, CTP)
        • Stanford Achievement Test – 10th Edition
        • Pearson Educations Assessment (PEA)
        • Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (OLSTAT)
        • School and College Ability Test (SCAT)
        • Terra Nova (McGraw-Hill)
        • Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS, Riverside Publishing)
      • Need-Based Aid, allowed only if within index limits determined by the approved neutral agency which can include:
        • Financial Aid Independent Review (FAIR) (Rosemount, MN)
        • Financial Aid for Student Tuition (FAST) (Wilmington, DE)
        • Independent School Management (ISM) (Hernando, MS)
        • School and Student Service for Financial Aid (Princeton, NJ)
        • Tuitions Aid Data Service (St. Paul, MN)
        • FACTS Grant in Aid Agency (Lincoln, NE), N/A
    • Starting and ending dates for administering Merit Aid test
    • Process of school policy to determine amount awarded to each student after need analysis is completed
    • Do all students receive the same percentage of demonstrated need?
    • Name and contact information of administrator or school personnel in charge of all aid awarded
  • Written Policies
    • Be able to provide the school’s financial aid policy (weblink, copy and paste policies into answers or email policies as an attachment to Mrs. Bridenbaugh)
    • Determine if the school has written policy for the collection of fees and be able to explain
    • Name and contact information of administrator or school personnel in charge of the collection of fees
    • Determine if the school maintains a list of all sources and activities conducted in efforts to raise funds for financial aid for students
    • Does the school utilize a 3rd party who processes collections and payments and be able to provide company contact information


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