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04/15/14 – Board of Control Approves Addition of Field Hockey

April 15, 2014 Athletic Department Blog Updates


The Board of Control approved the addition of Field Hockey as a KHSAA sanctioned sport for the fall of the 2014-2015 school year. Though the sport has been played in Jefferson County for over 50 years and in Oldham County for most of the past 10 years, the sport will be relatively new to the rest of the state.

The addition of field hockey meets the needs of the schools currently participating, as well as the schools that responded to the triennial survey that are interested in adding the sport. The current structure will marry nicely to the KHSAA guidelines and rules, as the current schools have already applied most of the KHSAA bylaws. Bylaw 6 is one of the bylaws that will not apply to field hockey until the 2015-2016 school year as a year of transition is needed.

Field hockey is a female-only sport and requires the basic facilities and equipment to play: field space, two goals, uniforms, goalie equipment, sticks and a ball.  

Our hopes are to adhere to a very similar schedule that has been used in the past, both regular and postseason. The work by the Association in the upcoming months will be to determine the limitation of season, postseason structure, and sites and dates for the state championship.  Putting an infrastructure in place to make the sport as successful as possible and give it room to grow will be a main goal.

Visit the following link to view some highlights of high school field hockey:


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