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04/30/14 – April 2014 Board of Control Meeting Review

April 30, 2014 Athletic Department Blog Updates


The following is a review of the items discussed at the April KHSAA Board of Control Meeting and the status of those issues. The Board meets six times per year, and each time, the membership will be updated as far as actions by the Board. While many of them attempt to communicate with you on a regular basis, I also want the schools informed of a consistent summary. All documents related to this meeting can be found online at

BOARD MEETING – April 15, 2014

The Board meeting began with a presentation from Karl Schmitt and Greg Fante, representing the Greater Louisville Sports Commissioner. Both were emphatic about the city’s desire to work with the Association and return some of the KHSAA championships to the state’s largest city.

That presentation was followed by a presentation from the iHigh staff with a report on external corporate sales.  The Board then recessed to conduct committee meetings. 

The Individual Sports Committee met and acted on the following items:

  • The committee recommended to deny the appeal by DeSales High School of their placement in Track and FIeld.
  • The committee recommended adoption of the postseason Track site specifications.
  • The committee recommended to conduct further study with respect to the final product in realigning the regions in tennis, and bring those results back to the May meeting.

All of the items recommended by the committee were approved by the full Board of Control.

The Team Sports Committee then met and considered the following items:

  • The committee heard the report from the staff on the adoption of Field Hockey as a state tournament for the 2014 fall season. Following that report, the committee recommended full adoption.
  • The committee heard an appeal from Fort Knox High School relative to the draft football alignment. Following presentation of the appeal, the committee recommended upholding the appeal.
  • The committee then considered the draft alignment for Football, and recommended distribution to the member schools for feedback.

All of the items recommended by the committee were approved by the full Board of Control.

The final committee meeting was the Regulation Adoption Committee. Two proposals were submitted for inclusion on the Annual Meeting agenda:

  • A proposal to amend Bylaw 7 to clarify some elements of F-1 Visa students;
  • A proposal to amend Bylaw 9 and remove the restriction on players in the fall.

After consideration by both the committee, and later that day by the Board, the vote was YES to submit the amendments to Bylaw 7, but the Board chose NOT to proposal the removal of restrictions on basketball players for the fall.

FULL BOARD MEETING – April 15, 2014

The Board as part of its consent agenda, approved the following reports:

  • The minutes from the April Board of Control meeting;
  • The Transfer Reports from July 1 to March 30;
  • The Appeals Report from July 1 to March 30; and
  • The report of other school eligibility rulings from July 1 to March 30.

The Board as part of its reports of Board Business, approved the following reports:

  • The Cash Disbursements from September 1 to March 30;
  • The Income Statement from July 1 to March 30;
  • The General Ledger Report from July 1 to March 30;
  • A status report on webcasting;
  • An in-depth report on Internal and External fund raising.

In other items, the Board considered and approved:

  • A report on ongoing legislative action;
  • Revisions to the cheer divisions to add an additional division for Coed teams, one with 3 or less males, one with 4 or more males;
  • A revised and clarified evaluation procedure for use in evaluating the Commissioner per 720 KAR 7:065;
  • A report on prime date basketball games and compliance;

Other Board action included:

The adoption of a philosophical statement concerning alignments;

  • A position statement and policy on postseason entry fees and the inclusion of those fees in the tournament financial reports;
  • A revision to the Board policy on video review to ensure that video could be reviewed without the recommendation or request of games officials.

The next meeting will be May 12 in Lexington, and the Commissioner advised that since girls basketball and fastpitch softball state proposals will be discussed, additional time may be necessary including meeting on May 13.



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