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05/20/18- eKnowledge SAT/ACT prep Project

May 20, 2018 Athletic Department Blog Updates


For 14 years, eKnowledge SAT/ACT Prep Project have teamed up to donate over 225,000 programs worth over $55,000,000 to students and families in over 40 countries. The resource is available and they can get it at your landing page:

We wanted everyone to have access to the full array of SAT/ACT prep materials and we didn’t want money to be the reason why a student did not have access. Our goal: help families and student obtain superior SAT/ACT preparation programs for little or no cost. We constantly remind ourselves that without you, we have nothing.

We would like to thank you for your continuous support in making the eKnowledge SAT/ACT Prep Project accessible to all your members and families. Please note that this resource can also be shared to friends or people you know who might benefit from this through your organization. 

Also, we would like to let you know that the SAT/ACT Sponsorship Project has new graphics and a new program. The new program is called the: “SAT/ACT PowerPrep Premium Pro with Math Super Supplement”

It’s a mouthful but it’s the strongest program yet. It’s the equivalent of a full semester course with a dedicated personal instructor. It includes:

  • 300+ hours of student participation time
  • 54+ hours of On Demand video presented by our professional instructors all of whom have advanced Master and PhD degrees
  • 460+ video/multimedia lessons
  • 800-page eBook, integrated and cross linked inside the program
  • Hundreds of practice questions with intricately detailed answers

The resource is available and they can get it at your landing page:

We look forward to more years of partnership. 

For more details, go to


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